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How to Resolve Inner Conflict Whilst Healing Chronic Illness

After we gather our toolkit of Nervous System Regulation in Level 1, Regulate™, we are well equipped to take the inner journey of full mind-body transformation – Level 2. In Level 2, we focus on what it really takes to heal, based on both my personal experience with chronic illness and trauma and also working with now thousands of others who have been through similar. 

I see the personality patterns of those who find freedom vs those who struggle.

In this Level 2 mentorship, we seek to help you become aware of and shift deep patterns keeping you stuck in a viscous cycle.

Realizing the illness is a catalyst for personal growth not just recovery.

The 8 Secrets of Transformation…

Some of our most potent secrets of our Level 2 transformative experience focus on implementing the following:

  1. Realizing the illness is a catalyst for personal growth, not just “recovery”. As I say in the mentorship – set your eyes on the true recovery – the reclamation of Self, of finding the True You – not just the resolution of symptoms. This is why we have a Level 2 in Primal Trust. Simply put, I created it because I saw too many people claiming “recovery” from their chronic conditions after using the tools of brain retraining alone, only to slip back and find themselves experiencing chronic symptoms again. Myself included. So what was missing? A big step in the transformation journey – the awakening of the True Self, not just calming symptoms.
  2. Choosing to take the course as a means of transformation vs fixing yourself.  This is one of my biggest tag lines of Primal Trust: “Stop fixing and start living.” Why? Because when you shift your focus on your personal evolution vs focusing on symptoms, that’s where I see the energy of the universe get behind your cause. You are no longer running away from what you DON’T want. Rather you are going towards a life you DO want. We find our positive life-affirming focus by becoming clear of who we are, what we value, and what we want to create with our life experience.
  3. Taking responsibility. My mentor Dorothy would say to me, “Cat, put your big girl pants on and adult yourself. Come on, you’ve got this.” Growing up into the loving adult that you needed as a child means also taking responsibility for your self care and evolution. It might mean doing things you don’t want to do in order to create neuroplastic change. It might mean new habits, structure and routine. Taking responsibility also means admitting your judgments and questioning if they are serving you. And most importantly taking responsibility means loving yourself enough to change the dysfunctional patterns in your life.
  4. Daily structure. We have a specific process called the “Daily Structure Sheet” to help you become keenly aware of how you are actually spending your time and what your focus is so that you are no longer stuck in unconscious habits that keep you from making any changes in your life. Without structure, how can your river of change know which direction to flow?
  5. Meeting your inner world. We learn about how parts of us can consciously and unconsciously be contributing to symptoms as a way of secondary gain or simply stuck in old survival patterns. This is where we move beyond the Level 1 Regulate™ focus of calming down the nervous system and face some of our deeper stress patterns/behaviors that we are often not conscious of.  As we see what super ego rules are governing our limbic response, we can choose differently and gain even more calm in our nervous system. Mostly this is about developing a deep, intimate relationship with yourself, all parts of you, and life itself.
  6. Self-awareness of our protection strategies, including learning to listen to our body (symptoms) as information about how we might be ignoring our needs or our truth. We become so clear about what we are doing when we have a protection response or why our body might be giving us kickback etc, that we are able to become a team with our body and create a bridge of communication between our conscious and subconscious. We now have a two-way communication pathway between our body and mind.
  7. Community focused healing. We are often most wounded in relationship, and yet it is often through relationship and support from others that we find the greatest healing. That’s why Primal Trust™ is co-led, co-taught, and recommends small Study Group cohorts to go through the process together!
  8. Living a life of PRIMAL TRUST versus resistance. At the end of the day we are either in resistance or trust. This choice alone will change your life. When you learn to surrender to the magical mystery of the universe as far as the timing of your healing, you bring your heart into the game. Your heart has the capacity to hold the “tensions of the opposites” and embrace both your struggles and joy, creating resolution of deep past wounding. And when your heart awakens, well, you might just find yourself in a full blown transformation moment.

Level 2 of the Primal Trust™ Mentorship starts on April 4th, and is open to anyone who has already completed Level 1, Regulate™.

Cathleen King, DPT

I'm an expert on chronic illness, chronic trauma, relationship/attachment repair, and inner child healing. I’ve got the rare combination of in-depth doctoral-level education and training as a physical therapist, and many years of coaching others in wellness and lifestyle education. And, I have been through my own heroine’s journey of spending nearly 2 decades of my life navigating through deep, debilitating illness and finally found my way out!

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