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Is your healing obsession sending messages of “I’m not okay, something is wrong, I need to fix this.”?

Did you realize that a symptom of limbic system impairment is hypervigilance regarding your body’s function? In fact, constant body scanning, thinking of your protocols, researching online, going from program to program IS part of the limbic system dysfunction cycle.

That’s why I created the Primal Trust™ Program.

To wake you up to the habits that you think are serving you, which really are just perpetuating your body’s illness, or your trauma response.

When you constantly think or feel “I’m not okay, I need to figure this out”, you are sending messages of threat and stress to your nervous system. This does not help your healing process.

I used to obsess about my healing for years. And I couldn’t understand why my body wouldn’t recover after all the self care I was doing, all the treatments, doctors, programs. And then it hit me – I’m obsessed with fixing myself. I’m constantly sending messages of “I’m not okay, something is wrong, I need to fix this.” I was keeping my limbic system accustomed to perceiving faults, problems, and that my body was not okay.

So I had to find a quantum leap in consciousness – I decided to let my body do what it would and I would set my mind on more of a high vibe focus. I started to focus on self discovery, seeing the beauty in the world, and living my values despite how I felt in my body.

And what do you know, my body decided it felt better. But my heart was already happier and any change in my body was a bonus. A win win!

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Dr Cat


Dr. Cathleen King is the founder of the Primal Trust Academy & Community – a revolutionary online neuroplasticity platform for those dealing with chronic illness and trauma patterning. Her programs teach brain retraining, polyvagal theory, somatics, and inner healing processes to help others get back to living a life they love.

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