Embodying the Frequency of Primal Trust: Everything You Need to Know

“Find the part of you that cannot be touched by illness, pain, and the difficult things of this world. Learn to grow this part of you and bring it forward in your consciousness” – Dr Cathleen King

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You will cry, have pain, and struggle in this life. In this brokenness, there exists an aspect of you that is steady, present, and imperturbable. Yet there is an essence within you that can both feel pain and suffering, and also be present with an anchor of innate safety that cannot be touched.

This is the consciousness that embodies the ‘Frequency of Primal Trust’

To access this presence, we must grow a brain state which I call the ‘adult main personality’. Some people refer to it as the capital “S” Self, or the ‘inner adult self’.

How do we develop this adult main personality which is a brain state that has access to higher perspective consciousness, such as experiencing Primal Trust?

This brain state is carved through deep self awareness and an inner journey of discerning the difference between the present moment and past memory activation.

This brain firing pattern is what we focus on igniting in the Primal Trust™ Mentorship – a deep dive into self realization through discovery of values, unconscious holding patterns, and awareness of True Self essence.

We utilize the tools of brain retraining, nervous system regulation, memory repatterning process, and energetic awareness principles to teach you how to discover and retrain the brain to operate from the vantage point of this healthy adult main personality.

To begin with, you must come to discern the difference between when your awareness is running from the perspective of a wounded part of you, or if you are truly in the present moment with your attention. This takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you start to realize the first step – knowing when you are NOT in a healthy adult main personality brain state. From there you have the opportunity to decide to not believe all you think and feel about your current situation, because it might just be an inaccurate assessment of the present moment circumstance.

My healing journey from deep trauma and illness really took off when I realized that without a healthy inner adult concept, I was letting wounded parts of me lead me on my path, which ultimately led me in circles.

I encourage those who resonate with this message to take the steps to develop a healthy main adult personality structure. This can be done through my level 2 Primal Trust Mentorship, beginning Jan 25th at 10am PST. Alternatively, learning about your inner parts is a great first step as well. I like the book “No bad parts” by Richard Schwartz, as well.

May you find your inner resilient Self, the one who is imperturbable and can handle it, all of it. May you find your Primal Trust frequency and be a source of steadiness for your loved ones and community.

To all of you that may be struggling right now, it is time, time for you to rise into your Primal Trust. This exists within you.


Dr. Cat

Learn more: Primal Trust Academy & Community www.primaltrust.org


Dr. Cathleen King is the founder of the Primal Trust Academy & Community – a revolutionary online neuroplasticity platform for those dealing with chronic illness and trauma patterning. Her programs teach brain retraining, polyvagal theory, somatics, and inner healing processes to help others get back to living a life they love.


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Our Happy Members

What Primal TrustTM Members have to say about their experience.

This program has it all.

"I’ve done so many things over the years to heal myself and I’m finally happy and healthy now because of the program and I even slack a little lol. It works if you work it! What you put in you get out. There’s a lot of information and tools. Best money I’ve spent in my entire healing journey."
Dar S.
"I have had so many great experiences and amazing successes with Primal TrustTM since I found it 4 months ago, I couldn’t possibly tell you all of them!!! Dr. Cat and the Regulate Program have helped me immensely in every aspect of my life. Initially I joined because I have been struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 10 years. Since joining only 4 months ago my energy has nearly fully returned, I no longer have crashes...most of the pain I used to feel has either disappeared or dissipated now... Primal TrustTM has renewed my love for my life..."
Jenny Naismith

Primal TrustTM is the best thing I have done for myself ever.

"It's given me tools to help navigate life, and to be compassionate with myself, to recognize the shame and fear I have; where it stems from and to regain a deep connection with myself. In turn this has strengthened my marriage, helping me understand resistance and trauma patterns that I have been holding and this has helped me become truly emotional available. I am calmer, happier and healthier. My symptoms of Lyme disease are almost non-existent now and my digestion has drastically improved! No more nausea!!!! I am so grateful to Dr.Cat, and this community for this experience and for creating a safe and supportive environment to do this extremely important self care work."
Caterina Salvatori
“I am a different person! Not only have I healed and sent "my“ /autoimmune condition (Hashimotos) into remission (no more symptoms or antibodies) but I am also hugely resilient, happy 95% of the time and no longer drown in trauma reactions from cPTSD. I am back working, travelling and meeting friends and challenging contact & situations alike… like meeting my mother for the first time in 2 years or even burying a loved one. I can handle everything and stay healthy and with tons of inner peace ❤️"
Catherine Fritz
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