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A collection of appearances by Dr. Cat on podcasts and in the media offering hope and spreading awareness about self-healing from trauma, chronic illness, & pain.

Podcast Appearances

Dr Schaffner

In this episode, I spoke with Dr. Cathleen King, a physical therapist who is passionate about teaching neuroscience-based practices targeting the brain and nervous system. Dr. King shared her personal recovery story and founded Primal Trust Academy to empower others on their self-healing journey. We discussed how unresolved trauma keeps the body stuck in survival mode, unable to access its innate capacity to heal and so much more. I highly recommend connecting with Dr. King’s community for support in healing at the deepest layers.

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In this episode, you will learn about a system called Primal Trust that is used to support the limbic system, vagus nerve, and autonomic nervous system.

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In this episode of the Health Babes Podcast, Dr. Cathleen King shares her knowledge of somatic healing and nervous system recovery. With a doctorate in Physical Therapy and extensive training in somatic movement and chronic pain conditions, Dr. King shares her journey with chronic illness and how she used somatic therapy and brain retraining to achieve lasting health. She emphasizes the connection between childhood trauma and chronic illness, highlighting the importance of self-compassion in breaking the cycle of chronic stress responses.

Is is all in your head? (At least half of it IS)


In this new episode of Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt, we have a very insightful discussion, Dr. Cathleen King. Today she shares with us her journey from being afflicted by a plethora of health issues, including chronic Lyme disease, POTS, autoimmune disorders, and the aftermath of a parasite infection from South America, to discovering the pivotal role of the nervous system in healing.

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In this episode, Dr. Cat helps us to understand some contributors of chronic illness, the cell danger response and how it relates to chronic illness, what it means to “recover” and how Primal Trust can help people to heal from years of illness and trauma. 

Healing Vibe Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Cat helps us to understand some contributors of chronic illness, the cell danger response and how it relates to chronic illness, what it means to “recover” and how Primal Trust can help people to heal from years of illness and trauma. 

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In this episode of the Red Beard Embodiment Podcast, explore the brain-body connection with Dr. Cathleen King. She delves into the nervous system, sharing her personal health journey and insights on the polyvagal theory. Learn about Primal Trust’s program for gradual healing and the power of community in overcoming chronic illness. Tune in for transformative strategies on health and wellbeing.

Raelan Agle Podcast

In this episode of the Raelan Agle Podcast, Dr. Cathleen King shares her journey of full recovery from multiple chronic illnesses, where people start with their recovery, and some strategies beyond ME/CFS recovery.

Rebel Health Spotlight Podcast

In this episode of Rebel Health Spotlight Podcast, Dr. Cat reveals how trauma and chronic stress responses can perpetuate disease. She provides insights into reframing symptoms, identifying core stressors, and cultivating willingness to listen to the body’s signals for transformative change.

Limbic Retraining

In this episode of the Neurologic Wellness Podcast, join Dr. Joe as he welcomes Dr. Cathleen King from Primal Trust. Discover Primal Trust’s effective, step-by-step healing process and learn how Dr. King’s personal battle with chronic illness shaped her innovative methods. Tune in for an enlightening conversation about transforming health and reclaiming life.

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In this episode of Heal with Liz, Dr. Cat shares her turning point when she ran out of money trying to fix herself, in a dark room unable to care for her kids. She talks about polyvagal theory and what she observes is the missing brain state for people who struggle with brain rewiring programs. We go deep, and she talks about her original Perfect Storm. We also out about the gut-brain axis, polyvagal theory, and the microbiome. I loved this interview and her call to revolutionize the chronic illness industry. I hope something resonates with you

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In this episode of the Chronic Comeback, Dr. Cathleen King discusses how she not only found
freedom from her own health struggles but now leads Primal Trust, a progra
m dedicated to helping others reclaim their health. With a unique blend of doctoral-level education and over 20 years of coaching experience in health and healing, coupled with her personal journey through chronic illness, Dr. King brings invaluable insights. We’re thrilled to have her share her story and expertise.

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This episode of Our Power is Within features Dr. Cat. We talk about Primal Trust, exploring and experiencing different modalities, and ascending into our best version of self and awakening to our true nature so we can live our best lives.

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In this episode of Humans and Earth, In this episode, learn how neuroplasticity and brain
retraining can foster peace, both internally and in our interactions with others. We discuss moving beyond divisive mindsets and cultivating internal safety to effectively address conflicts and embrace change. This insightful discussion reveals how achieving nervous system coherence is key to transforming ourselves and the world.

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In this episode of the Wholehearted Healer, we’re joined by Dr. Cathleen King, an expert with an impressive blend of doctoral-level training and over two decades of coaching experience. Dr. Cat shares her own ‘heroine’s journey,’ detailing her battle with deep, debilitating illness and discussing symptoms often left undefined by Western medicine. Tune in to gain insights into the transformative power of inner child healing and the journey to wellness beyond conventional medical boundaries.

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Today’s guest on Our Power is Within is Dr. Cathleen King, returning for her third podcast
episode to delve into her latest program, ‘Regulate.’ This unique offering combines top-
down brain retraining with bottom-up nervous system regulation. Accessible through the Primal Trust Membership, ‘Regulate’ allows self-paced learning and is complemented by a wealth of resources, including online classes and live Q&As

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In the latest Healer Revolution Podcast, Amanda Panacea talks with Dr. Cathleen King, founder of Primal Trust, about her groundbreaking program for brain retraining and nervous system regulation. Drawing on her personal triumph over chronic illnesses, Dr. King discusses integrating neuroscience and somatic movement to foster deep healing and transformation. Tune in for an enlightening conversation on redefining wellness journeys

Susun Weed

Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with physical therapist Dr. Cathleen King.

Dr John Bergman 2

Your Only Infection is FEAR. Dr. B with Dr. Cathleen King DPT

Keynotes & Webinars


Dr. Cat was a featured speaker at the 2022 Block Therapy Trauma Relief Summit. This event, with its international panel of experts, focuses on understanding trauma’s impact on brain function and its physical manifestation in the body. The summit provides valuable tools and techniques for healing and moving forward in life.


Dr. Cat was honored to be a featured expert at the 2023 Mastering Mast Cell Activation Summit. This pivotal event delves into the intricacies of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), providing insights into its symptoms, triggers, and coexisting conditions. Dr. Cat contributes valuable knowledge, aiding attendees in understanding and managing their MCAS symptoms effectively.


Dr. Cat is excited to be a featured expert at the Beyond Functional Medicine: Deep Healing & Advanced Therapies online event from March 25-31, 2024. This comprehensive forum addresses critical aspects of healing beyond traditional functional medicine, such as trauma and nervous system dysregulation. It offers invaluable insights and advanced therapeutic approaches for holistic health and well-being.


The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself is a film exploring the body’s innate ability to heal. Dr. Cat is one of several featured doctors and experts in the field of pain and trauma treatment.