Nervous System Dysregulation Quiz

Explore 30 thought-provoking questions to unveil potential nervous system dysregulation and get a FREE copy of our 100+ page guidebook with tools to get started. 

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1. Do you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., Long Haul Covid, inflammation, or autoimmune activation?(Required)
2. Did you become unwell following a virus, bacterial infection, mold or chemical exposure and haven’t felt well since?(Required)
3. Do you experience dysautonomia (heart rate, blood pressure, breathing dysregulation resulting in a fast pulse, feeling dizzy or faint upon standing, poor ability to adjust to hot or cold temperatures)?(Required)
4. Do you have brain fog, difficulty remembering things or inability to concentrate?(Required)
5. Do you experience chronic pain and difficulty with pain processing?(Required)
6. Do you have digestive issues and/or food sensitivities?(Required)