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By Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

Am I infected?
I can’t stop reading the news to see how many cases there are. I feel like the virus is everywhere. I am afraid it could already be in me.
The truth is, we are all in danger, as we are making contact with this virus without even realizing it. It’s silent, invisible, yet passes from person to person.
Am I talking about the latest health scare everyone is concerned with? NO.
I’m talking about the DEADLY THOUGHT VIRUS OF 2020


And guess what the biggest risk factor is for catching this “thought virus”? The Media
And what is the primary symptom of this virus? FEAR
Have you been infected, even a little?
If the answer is yes, I have got a remedy for you. I’ve been working on it myself to prevent further development and to keep it from spreading to my family.

I had to write this article. I realized that my own process of finding a conscious perspective to hold onto when the emotional field all around me is full of fear is imperative, for my health and well being and the health and well being of others. And I realized that I was getting bombarded with information that was filtered, distorted, and full of fearful thought forms.
I started reacting with a “protection based thought filter”. I started to worry about my kids as the confirmed cases of the latest viral threat (can’t say the actual name b/c my blog post will be deleted by facebook) are now approaching the area where I live in the Pacific Northwest. I wondered what effect it would have on the community, on business, etc. And then thoughts of a possible pandemic in my area. I started to become overwhelmed with fear, worry and vigilance. And that was when I realized I had become “infected” myself, just as the media and fear based forces want.
So I decided it was time to take a stand and get my perspectives straight. To remind myself of the truth about illness as I know it, and as I teach it to all of my clients. And so I’ve spent the past few days pondering how to explain to others how to get a mental and emotional foothold on themselves and stop spreading this thought virus. Developing a broader perspective based on trust and compassion rather than fear does wonders for your immune system. It also lifts the consciousness vibration of the field in our community so that as a collective we are more immune.

First, let’s get the facts straight. Then let’s get into the truth about infection and illness and how to strengthen immunity, both to thought viruses and pathogenic ones.
The facts: The flu kills thousands of people every year, and is often quite deadly, yet we don’t go around freaking out all year long with mass hand sanitizer purchases like we are now. I noticed you can’t even buy hand sanitizer on amazon unless you want to pay a ridiculous price right now. Yes we need to be cautious with coronavirus and take appropriate action to slow it’s spread, but we also need to move away from the fear response. Each day thousands of people are dying from cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses and the numbers far outweigh the chance of death from coronavirus.
And the H1N1 virus of 2009 was also a deadly but the percentage rate of survival was very high. I remember well as I was pregnant and contracted it. Yes, I felt like crap for a while, but I survived it.
Bottom line: the current virus epidemic is NOT as deadly as is portrayed, for most of our population, although quite contageous. Of course we should not pretend there is nothing happening because the impact is huge and yes many deaths are occuring. Our compassion is needed for those who are affected, and our cleanliness habits are important for those of us who are indeed immune compromised.How does one become immune compromised? Well primarily by “old age” (whatever that means) and stress. You can’t change your age but you can absolutely change your stress level and the belief systems that govern your energy attractor field.

I have a history of being “immunocompromised”, having had chronic Lyme disease, as well as co-infections (viral and parasitic). Being a highly sensitive empath, I also tend to take on the symptoms of others when I’m living from a dis-empowered consciousness state. So when the media blasts the thought virus of fear against those with immune compromise, it triggers a protection because of my memory of the past. And then it is my responsibility to decide if I am going to label myself “at risk” because of my past or decide to have faith in my body instead.
For those of us who have this history of chronic stress or infections it is really important to understand the nature of infections and how we attract them and heal from them.Viruses, bacteria, parasites and all pathogens are actually an energetic consciousness with specific vibrational frequencies. The laws of physics dictate that “like attracts like”. Just like we attract relationships with people who match our vibrational frequency, so too, we attract microorganisms that are a match.
So what frequencies attract these microorganisms? There are some theories amongst the leaders of energy medicine that would say the following:

  • Viruses have programming that are attracted to frequencies/emotions related to unworthiness. AND some theories would say the Viruses are actually cleansing and detoxifying of these emotional patterns. An interesting paradox, huh.
  • Bacterial programming is a magnet to the resonance guilt
  • Parasites are a program match to blame/resentment/codependency

One of the most common traits I see among those that have chronic infection issues is the programming that says “it isn’t safe to be my Authentic True Self”. When we live in a way that isn’t true to who we really are, we lose the ability to recognize the thoughts and feelings of our True Self versus the thoughts and feelings of “others”. Likewise, our immune system loses its ability to recognize “self” from “others” (pathogens). When this happens, we become “immune compromised”.
How do we get so disconnected from ourselves?

Often, if not always, we are seeking love. Growing up, I wanted to be loved, and learned somewhere along the way that I had to trade my soul to get love. I spent most of my life being what I thought others wanted me to be to get this core need met. Although my intention was pure, the result was hazardous to my health.As I lost myself, my energy system became susceptible to illness. Adhering to relationships and a religion that wasn’t authentic to me drained my life force.
I have had to learn the hard way, compromised health, how to align with my True Self in order to regain health and vitality. This is why my primary mission as a wellness and embodiment coach is to help others discover their True Self/expression.

It is vital that we align with our True Self expression, but it is also vital that we approach the coronavirus, or any threat, with a sense of curiosity rather than fear. Why is this important?One of the ways our immune system functions in order to combat a threat, is to “meet up” with the foreign “invaders/antigens” and collect a sample in order to figure out how to make the proper antibody.
If we are overwhelmed with fear, our immune cells will be less capable of doing this.I have seen this first hand with my clients. Those that have the most protective responses to “threats” often have the weakest immune response.

Add to that, if our energy is that of fear of getting sick, we are more likely to attract that.We need to shift our reactions to the news we hear and change our language about this virus in order to strengthen our immune response.
Our conscious perspectives are contagious, so the more we disarm fear within our own consciousness, the more we will help those we come in contact with.
In summary, we need to put the current “threat” in perspective, remember that like attracts like, align with our True Self Expression, and meet the viral outbreak with curiosity over fear.
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Cathleen King, DPT

I'm an expert on chronic illness, chronic trauma, relationship/attachment repair, and inner child healing. I’ve got the rare combination of in-depth doctoral-level education and training as a physical therapist, and many years of coaching others in wellness and lifestyle education. And, I have been through my own heroine’s journey of spending nearly 2 decades of my life navigating through deep, debilitating illness and finally found my way out!

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