Creating Calm – Regulate

Brain and Nervous System Regulation Toolkit

My entry-level brain retraining program

is proven to calm the overactive limbic system and it is easy to do.  In addition to Brain Retraining, the program includes the best physical therapy hacks for the Vagus Nerve and Somatic Body as well as Energy Medicine techniques and practices.

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My level 1 program is designed for anyone experiencing Chronic Stress related conditions including:

  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Insomnia
  • Immune Health: Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Long Haul Covid/Viral Infections, Autoimmune
  • Physical Health: Chronic pain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances
  • Emotional Health: Mood, Relationship/Attachment Stress
  • Allergies: Food and Chemical Sensitivities, EMFs
  • Trauma: Co-dependency, Fawning, PTSD

4 Part Series

Part 1 – The Basics of Brain Retraining

  • The neuroscience and psychology behind Chronic Illness and Limbic System Impairment
  • MP3 recordings of Brain Retraining ABC Dimensional Shift Technique

Part 2 – Vagus Nerve Retraining Practices

  • Why the Polyvagal Theory is a cornerstone for rewiring the brain and creating a healing foundation in the nervous system
  • Visual and Vestibular Brain Fitness: learn exercises that optimize the brain’s communication pathways for improved prefrontal activation

Part 3 – Somatic Movement Therapy

  • Learn the stages of Somatic Healing and how to incorporate tools of brain retraining into Somatic Experiencing
  • Includes guided practices of Orienting, Hannah Somatics techniques, and the 5 Tibetan Rites

Energy Medicine Healing Self Practices

  • Learn the basics of Energetic Alignment Practices
  • Incorporate Brain Rewiring, Somatic Movement, EFT and Energy Medicine into a powerful morning practice

Primal Trust Mentorship – Integrate

The Journey of Surrendering to the Medicine of the Heart


LIVE Primal Trust Mentorship starts Jan 25 – Join the Primal Trust Academy & Community Membership by Jan 25, 2022, to access the live mentorship!

“An inherent sense of safety that is a felt sense of innate okayness, personal power and deeply belonging to your body, this earth and to life itself.”

– Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

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*Lifetime access to the Jan. 2022 Live Primal Trust Mentorship is also available.  Click here to learn more about this special offer.*

Lifetime Access

My level 2 program, the Primal Trust Mentorship, is an advanced program of Healing and Transformation.

Taking Brain Retraining to the next level, this program goes deep into the Hero’s Journey, True Self Discovery and Purposeful living.  It incorporates a 3 pillared approach of Brain Retraining/Nervous System Regulation, Structured Action and resolving/dissolving resistance.

“For those who have been utilizing brain retraining/neuroplasticity work to heal from chronic illness there can come a time where there’s a knowing that something a bit deeper needs to be explored. There becomes a desire to go within and explore the patterns and trauma that may have been buried beneath the surface, the ones that primed the body for the original dis-ease. Cathleen’s Primal Trust Mentorship provided the tools I needed to fill in the gaps in a way that was effortless for my nervous system to integrate and allow for the new discovery of self-expression and self-empowerment unique to only me. Where retraining is brilliant at starting the ball rolling to reestablish health and function, Cathleen’s course provides the map back to true self, a vibrant, purposeful life and knowing that whatever life offers up, I can and will handle it.”

– Dawn Minami – Primal Trust Graduate and Life Coach

Live Primal Trust Mentorship Classes Tues 10am PST, Jan-May 2022

  • 5 month Live Training
  • 10 Core Classes/Brain retraining attunements
  • 9 Live Q&A Sessions
  • 100 Page Workbook
  • 20+ Bonus tools and classes
  • Group Study Pods

Classes are held LIVE, weekly on Tuesdays at 10am PT for the duration of the Mentorship.
*Class recordings are made available in case you miss a live session.

(Study Group sessions: Dates & times TBA)

  • Class 1 – Emotional Regulation/Identity Awareness
  • Class 2 – True Self Discovery Process/ABC Dimensional Shift© Brain Rewiring Technique
  • Class 3 – Standing in Your Values/There’s Nothing To Fix
  • Class 4 – Dr. Cat’s Daily Structure Sheet – True Orientation and Action/Creation and Purpose
  • Class 5 – Psychological Conflict Resistance Awareness/Somatic Presence vs Fixing It
  • Class 6 – Vision Quest/True Purpose
  • Class 7 – Divine Neutrality and the Zero Point field
  • Class 8 – Self Resourcing and Heart’s Truth
  • Class 9 – Self Generating Primal Trust Frequency/Surrendering To The Medicine Of Your Heart

Living Alchemy Teachings – Liberate

Bringing True Self with Values-Led Purpose Into The World

The Advanced Living Alchemy Teachings

offer weekly core LIVE offerings from Dr. Cat, Falguni, Michele Palmer, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran and other mentors.  In addition, Living Alchemy provides an extensive video library and vibrant online level 3 forum.

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  • Advanced Brain Retraining
  • Live Q&A/Group Coaching
  • Somatics/Feldenkrais Classes
  • Polyvagal Training
  • Dance, Movement and Laughter
  • Grief Processing Circle
  • Primal Trust Implementation
  • Law of Attraction Workshops
  • Advanced Sound Healing
  • Brain Rewiring Attunements

Here’s a snapshot of what the Living Alchemy class calendar looks like: