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I’d like to talk to you about sound healing and why it is one of my favorite supportive tools for nervous system regulation and trauma healing

In fact, Primal Trust™ came to be through a sound bowl!

Several years ago my friend and mentor, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, came to see me with a new sound bowl. She explained that the frequencies these bowls emit have very specific effects on the mind, body and soul. When I first heard this bowl’s sound, it rang through my body and nervous system like it was the feeling I had been searching for my whole life.

It happened to be the Schumann Resonance, 7.8Hz, which matches a frequency produced by electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s lower ionosphere. I was literally basking in the healing energy of Mother Earth, an ancient heartbeat our bodies and the bodies of our ancestors have evolved with. 

It felt like complete safety to me.

It felt deeply natural, nourishing, primal.

I had come home to myself.

Here I am with one of the sound bowls in my own collection.

After this profound experience I started using sound bowls to help tune my body into different healing frequencies. There are so many to work with, ranging from sounds to help the physical body, to the mental and emotional. Frequencies to help with sleep, infections, anxiety, pain…

There can be an array of effects per frequency, so if you have a specific condition in mind that you would like to treat, it can be worthwhile seeking out a qualified sound therapist, such as Dorothy.

A general overview of what happens is the sound bowl creates both a vibration and also generates a frequency, which penetrate your body and brain. Not only is the effect extremely relaxing, but with this your brain starts to create feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin, helping you to feel calm and happier.

Hand-hammered singing bowls, such as those Dorothy uses, also produce binaural beats, which you may be familiar with from readily available meditation tracks online. Essentially, binaural beats are created from two tones that enter the brain at the same time and get converted by the brain into a third tone. The conversion process changes the brainwaves, often going into Alpha or Theta states, which are the most deeply relaxing brainwaves.

If you struggle with meditation but would love to experience the benefits of shutting off your active mind and deeply relaxing your body – sound therapy is the way to go!

I love sound bowls because they dislodge stuck energies and stagnant emotions and start to move them through the body. They can help to move stuck patterns of stress, which ties in beautifully with nervous system regulation tools such as brain retraining, brain attunements and somatic practices. 

Vibrational sound healing is a way to help our body feel harmony and coherence, when what is running through our body is disharmony and stress. 

I recommend experimenting with different forms of sound therapy, whether that’s singing bowls, tuning forks or even just the sound of your own voice creating harmony with humming and singing. All have a beautiful calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 19.18.10
Dorothy, certified sound healer and Primal Trust™ mentor, during a 1-1 sound healing treatment.

If you want to learn more about the healing power of sound from my own trusted mentor who is a qualified sound therapist, check out Dorothy’s site Aurras, where you can download recordings of her sound healings. She also runs a free 15 minute sound healing online every week. 

Visit Aurras Vibrational Sound Therapy Site

And if you’re part of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community, you will have access to many hours of recorded sound therapy from our video library, which is included in the monthly membership!

To join us and access these resources plus many more for nervous system regulation, you can do so today! 

Join Primal Trust™

With love,

Dr Cat

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