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Check the full version of my latest blog post over at Rewiring Your Wellness HERE

A brief intro: If we are stuck in a “protective identity pattern”, our vital force is limited and our ability to heal will be disrupted.

The secret of change is that you have to actually want to behave differently than you do and you have to be able to recognize false identity patterns that you use as old solutions to protect yourself that are no longer helpful.

In this blog I outlined 4 of the most common protective identity patterns that I come across as a transformational coach

  • the fix-it personality
  • the sensitive empath
  • the shut down pattern
  • the special one

If you identify with any of these patterns, just know that subjective awareness of oneself is the beginning of self mastery and transformation. In the full article I explain more about each, and the approach I see to help sift you out of that old solution that isn’t helpful.

In my popular Primal Trust Mentorship– I help you identify these patterns that are limiting your ability to fully live your purpose, along with help you develop profound personal mastery of these resistance patterns.


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