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My experience and learnings at my recent Dr Joe Dispenza’s advanced week-long retreat.

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In this blog I will share a summary of what is involved with the advanced week-long retreat of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who I think it would be a good process for and who I think might need to implement some practices before attending an event like this. This is based on my personal experience of studying Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work for over a decade, and specifically going to an advanced week-long event recently.

1. Be ready and willing to teach your skeptical brain a new understanding of the nature of reality. 

Dr. Joe brings a tremendous amount of research and scientific explanation to his retreat, meaning you are going to be listening to the science of change, neuroplasticity, re-patterning illness and the roles of the pineal gland, as it relates to how self-healing happens, for hours on end. Now for me, as a neuroscience educator, I absolutely love this stuff, so I had no resistance to that. He’s doing this to help you gain the belief system of the processes he teaches, so that you’re more willing to sit in endless hours of meditation despite all of your internal resistance. In the science, you will learn how to create heart-brain coherence, how to repair your biological processes and even some cutting-edge research on immunity from viruses, group healing using quantum principles of change, and affecting the electromagnetic fields of those who are ill. You will learn the science of how you consciously connect with higher dimensions of information, also known as the super-conscious field of information, and to attune your autonomic nervous system. You will also learn a deep understanding of how to re-pattern your chakra system, and use breathwork and meditation to awaken your pineal gland.

2. Be willing to believe that you can change how you think, feel, and behave through applying neuroscience principles.

The goal here is to change your sense of identity and drop victim consciousness. There is a lot of emphasis on creating a future identity and learning how to embody that identity in the present moment, which teaches your body a new pattern of biochemical expression. The result overtime is a biological upgrade, meaning that as you think, feel, and behave, higher vibration emotions will occur in your body and your autonomic nervous system and body will improve its function. Your digestive system, immune system, endocrine system, memory and so much more will see amazing improvements as your autonomic nervous system comes into more coherence.

Now these are all very similar ideas that we use in our Primal Trust™ program and in other brain retraining programs, but I find that going to an event like this and learning it from a master teacher can have a profound effect on your motivation to actually dedicate your time each day to create these changes in your brain and in your biology. Disease is simply a pattern with a lower frequency of thought, feeling and behavior that holds that pattern in place through epigenetic expression and cellular processing. The advanced week-long retreat really helps you become clear of who you no longer want to be as you see the dysfunction it causes in your life. It also illuminates a path forward to a new personality and new biological expression. And it takes a lot of dedication and practice, along with a deep willingness, to change these patterns.

3. Be openminded enough and willing to connect to a source bigger than you. 

The third focus was on connecting to the super-conscious field of information, pure love, source intelligence or whatever you want to call it. And for those of you who know me well, you know that that is a big part of the work we do in the Primal Trust™ brain rewiring attunements. However, Dr. Joe has a more direct – and I will say intense – route to connecting to the super-conscious field.

This field of information is accessed through what’s commonly called the “zero point field of awareness”, or a state of relaxed, non-resistance to everything, where your identity seems to melt into the vast unknown. Dr. Joe will often encourage you to find this field in his meditations by becoming no-one, no-where, no-thing. Yes, it seems very abstract at first when you begin practicing this idea.

Dr. Joe really focuses on awakening the pineal gland in the brain, which is a transducer that when activated can illuminate higher dimensional perspectives and also bring extremely high frequency, organized, coherent patterns into the brain and into the autonomic nervous system. This can cause some to even have spontaneous healings with many diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and so much more. He uses a combination of focused somatic breathwork and meditation to access this pineal gland center. When activated, I would personally say it’s very similar to a plant medicine experience such as what people experience with ayahuasca or mushrooms. In fact, the pineal gland when activated through this deep level of meditation creates the same chemical that is often used for transcendental awakenings. And I will say I indeed had this type of multi dimensional visual experience during this week several times. 

Now here lies what I would say is one of the main challenges and sources of discomfort for people doing this work. The body can feel very electric in the state of high consciousness with pineal gland activation, and there can even be what appears as a seizure-like energy running through the brain, except that the heart is in a coherent pattern, so it’s not technically a seizure, it’s simply high vibrational energy running through the nervous system. This creates a sympathetic arousal experience in the nervous system even though the heart is very calm. So my first note to those who might want to do this work, is to be sure to be prepared if you are highly sensitive to energy and have a hard time self-regulating from sympathetic dominant states of activation. Personally, I found it to be a very curious experience: being in a deep, high-vibration consciousness, having my heart open, and yet also having my nervous system highly aroused and activated from all the energy flooding my body. I would say this would be my biggest hesitancy for those who are in the early stages of limbic system rewiring or trauma healing journey.

Can you hold the tensions of the opposites? Meaning, can you feel intense energy and sensations through your whole body and also relax into it at the same time? I do teach about this concept often in my Primal Trust™ program, because it is a skill that I’ve worked very hard on developing myself. In fact, several years ago I went to a shorter Dr. Joe live event and I could not handle the energy running through my body. I felt so expanded but I could not interpret the expansion through a sense of inherent safety and ground the energy. So again, the question would be – can you handle the energy of expansion and choose to self regulate? This is where I believe the brain retraining and nervous system regulation tools, that I teach, gave me a solid foundation to be able to have an excellent experience with this pineal gland work at the retreat. I couldn’t have personally handled going to the levels I went to this time around even a few years ago. And I have even farther to go! There are still layers of relaxation for me to surrender into.

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4.  Ask yourself “Am I willing to see the buried shadows of my old protective identity and not believe in the stories and the meaning of the past?”

When you are doing this deep meditation work, you are attempting to connect with no-one, no-thing, no-where states of consciousness, and your old identity is hardwired to not change and to not let go. Your ego will feel like it’s dying. And in addition, your body is addicted to the old chemistry of your past identity. So I would say to expect turbulence of thought, emotion, and bodily sensation. Now, Dr. Joe does not directly have you find or look for any trauma in your past, but it is a natural process that when you try to change, there will be boulders of resistance that will pop up into your awareness and try to stop your flow of expansion. So I believe it takes valor and deep self-compassion to move past this tug-of-war in your body-mind, and in your conscious attention, to change.

5.  Be willing to dedicate yourself to the process.

The process of re-patterning your identity and your nervous system to deep levels like Dr. Joe is teaching requires a deep commitment. For example, we had one meditation that lasted for over 5 hours and over the course of a week-long retreat, you were going to be clocking in close to 40 hours of meditation. You have to get up early, sometimes at 3:30 in the morning, to be ready for the whole day of meditation and training. You have to decide to show up for yourself and love yourself enough to move through the discomfort, resistance, and emotions.

In honesty, I will tell you that I had a part of me that was so uncomfortable physically and emotionally by day two that I wanted to quit because I couldn’t imagine how I was going to deal with the resistance for five more days. And yet that was my choice point. “Do I miss the opportunity for deep transformation, or do I put my big girl pants on and choose the path I truly want – which is a transcendental experience so that I go home a new person?”

Well, if you know me, you know what I chose to do. You know I’m a warrior and passionate about transformation. So I made a big, deep, inner-adult choice of mind, body and soul that I was going to love myself enough to get past my body, my mind, and do this work, even if it meant the whole time I was going to just be practicing heart-brain coherence for 15 hours a day for five days because I couldn’t get past my own resistance. I knew that I would be better off by just letting my resistance be there and try staying in heart coherence than quit and miss this opportunity.

So I chose, and I immediately had my first breakthrough, and it was magical and profound and my whole body vibrated with bliss in understanding more of my true nature. I shed a little more of the snake skin of my old past that day, and that’s the power of choice.

The retreat continued to have some intensity followed by some monumental breakthroughs. And by the end of it I felt like I was truly living in another dimension.

6.  Know that a biological upgrade in the form of a physical purge may happen post-retreat.

Another disturbing challenge came the moment I left the hotel room and started to drive home. I was feeling so much love and so high, only to realize my body was starting to feel very ill. Within 24 hours I had a raging fever and flu-like symptoms and was so confused at first as to what was happening as I just did all of this work to re-create my body-mind. But then I remembered the truth about what is commonly known as a healing crisis. I used to experience this a lot when I was re-patterning Lyme disease and chronic illness, and it caught me by surprise that it happened so intensely again. I reached out to the team of Dr. Joe to ask for more information about what they see post retreat and they actually say that it is so common they call it the “Dispenza Influenza”, because your body is literally going through a biological upgrade as your cells purge dense energy, toxins and pathogens that might be there, and your body with its brilliance and innate wisdom will create a flu-like process to discharge all of that. So that being said, you may need to be okay with going through a healing crisis as your body literally burns away your past. It is alchemy in physical form that I went through post-retreat and though it wasn’t comfortable, it was more confirmation of the incredible transformation I had just experienced.

7.  Lasting change takes ongoing commitment.

Now I’ve been involved loosely in Dr. Joe’s work for over 10 years, and it is a very big pill to swallow to commit to meditate for 1-2 hours every day to access the super-conscious field and get these deep autonomic nervous system resets. Additionally, I have other practices that I have committed to doing every day, like my ABC Dimensional Shift® brain rewiring, somatics, and other things I do for my personal wellness. When I was sick, I was more committed to doing these types of longer meditations because I had more motivation to change. But what I realized at this event is that I still have human layers that need to alchemize and I really want to connect with source intelligence, God, and discover in a deeper way my true identity – to become unlimited and embody love intensely. So I do plan on becoming more committed to this deeper work of pineal gland activation and Zero Point Field awareness because I cannot deny the profound effect it had on me – and many others – in that one week.

8.  You might be questioning, “Well then, do I do Dr. Joe’s process, or do I do other forms of brain retraining and self-regulation if I am dealing with chronic illness and trauma?”

Ideally you do both, because they have a slightly different purpose in my opinion. However if you are very sensitive to energy and in a constant fight-flight stage, I think it is a priority to initially do a basic brain retraining and self-regulation program for a while. I see many people jump right into Dr. Joe’s work, get flooded with energy and emotional intensity that they cannot process, become scared to ever try it again and then unfortunately miss out on a future opportunity that could be very magical for them to try Dr. Joe’s meditations. And of course there are some people that can jump right into his work and do just fine, because their limbic system can handle the energy and the emotions that arise during this kind of work. I think if you’re wanting to start and you’re not sure if it’s right for you, begin by reading his books and trying his basic meditation, like his Morning Meditation and just see how it goes. 

For those of you who are doing brain retraining, once you feel like you have a good understanding of how to use your self-regulation tools and you know that you can be responsible for your emotional state, I absolutely recommend a week-long advanced retreat with Dr. Joe, or at least his Progressive Workshop, even if you were doing my Primal Trust™ program or another program.

Lastly, I just want to thank Dr. Joe Dispenza for his dedication to being the bridge between science and the quantum world, and providing a way where we can self-generate ecstatic states of bliss without using plant medicine or things like that. He teaches us to become the self empowered healer that we all are and to also combine as a community to help heal each other. I believe that he has the science of the future that everyone on this planet should come to understand and implement into their lives.

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Cathleen King, DPT

I'm an expert on chronic illness, chronic trauma, relationship/attachment repair, and inner child healing. I’ve got the rare combination of in-depth doctoral-level education and training as a physical therapist, and many years of coaching others in wellness and lifestyle education. And, I have been through my own heroine’s journey of spending nearly 2 decades of my life navigating through deep, debilitating illness and finally found my way out!

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