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This ebook contains 5 free nervous system regulation tools, including a guided somatic meditation audio, success stories, endorsements, a full breakdown of the science, Dr. Cat’s own healing story, plus lots of valuable insights from inside Primal Trust.

This book is like a mini Regulate program on its own. You could read this book, follow the practices, and truly see shifts with some dedication to the tools.

Brain Retraining, Somatics and Vagus Nerve Stimulation Ebook 🧠✨

In it we cover:

🌀 What is Brain Retraining?
🌀 The Maladaptive Stress Response
🌀 Top Down or Bottom Up? (What’s the difference, and why it matters!)
🌀 Where Does the Vagus Nerve Come into it?
🌀 Bringing it All Together
+ an introduction into our Level 1 program, Regulate™

You’ll also receive Dr. Cathleen King, DPT’s exclusive webinar AND ebook specifically covering the subject of chronic Lyme disease, and how self-regulation of your nervous system ​and recognizing contributing influences of chronic illness is a cornerstone​ to unlock self-healing.

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Free Ebook Download

This is an energy medicine practice guide for those who want to have tools to relieve stress in their bodies improve their sense of vitality and inner freedom.
The techniques in this ebook specifically focus on various methods of clearing unwanted energies that build up in our body system and energy field.  Much like taking a shower can refresh the body, clearing energy can refresh the mind, body, and soul.
This book was a collaborative effort co-created by 5 top energy medicine experts from Dr. Cathleen King’s Living Alchemy Community.  We hope you find practices that you enjoy and can implement on a daily basis for improved health and wellbeing!

A Sneak Peak into the Primal Trust™ Academy…

Dr. Cat’s Tips for Limbic System Impairment…

Dr. Cat’s Brain Rewiring Attunements…

Free 3 Day Training

On building nervous system resilience for optimal health and wellbeing!

Nervous System Resilience Practices Are Often The Missing Piece In Chronic Illness and Trauma Recovery Programs


– The 5 Keys to Healing.
– How to create more resilience in order to heal and recover, based on my personal and professional experience.
– Creating RESILIENCE in a compromised nervous system.
– Discover the necessary inner orientation and practices that are needed to recover from illness and trauma.

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