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PT 420

In this membership, you will...

Activate Self-Healing and Discover Inner Freedom

  • REGULATE™ Level 1 Course & Live Class Support:
    • START HERE! Foundational Brain-Body Neural Retraining For Self-Healing Chronic Illness, Pain, Anxiety, and More.
  • INTEGRATE Level 2 Course & Live Class Support:
    • The Mentorship of Healing Emotional Triggers and Core Wounds
  • LIBERATE Level 3 Live Class Support
    • Deeper Practices for Boundaries, Relationships, Work Issues and more

Membership: $96/mo and includes all 3 levels & Live Classes.  Core Levels 1-3 programs must be completed sequentially.  All levels video library immediately available.

Cathleen King DPT 1
Becky Lyons
Becky Lyons
Zoraida Cruz
Zoraida Cruz
Amazing program, it help me so much. Thank You for creating this program
Catherine LifeDesign
Catherine LifeDesign
PrimalTrust has been fundamental on my healing journey becoming symptom-free from 30+ symptoms and diagnoses (from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autoimmune disease, cPTSD, anxiety etc.). Especially level 2 changed my personality and life. I have not experienced this much love, self-compassion, trust and confidence in myself and life for... years or maybe forever. I am a changed person with an emotionally mature and resilient nervous system. And I am really liking the person I have become... free of trauma, survival mechanisms and unhelpful limbic protective patterns. I combined PrimalTrust with EMDR therapy to resolve deep routed childhood trauma and I created some individual elements of my own, like my morning alignment practice to help me implement who I now am as an entrepreneur every day. I love the depth of teachings, the step by step guidance, the community, study groups and buddy rounds. All of this contributed puzzle pieces to my own healing and I am proud to say, that YES I am fully healed.
Megan Zwagil
Megan Zwagil
Only on month two and feel that this is a very well rounded program with great potential for healing. I feel so validated in what I'm experiencing. That alone is very helpful to the nervous system.
Missy Lay
Missy Lay
I love Primal Trust!! It's so right for me, I'm grateful to Beth O'Hara for recommending this program. I had tried Brain Retraining through another program when a friend loaned me her videos and I wasn't successful and felt like a failure, I even felt a little disillusioned with the whole idea although there was a part of me that believed in it still. The really huge and important thing missing from that program was nervous system regulating, it was the message of change your thoughts push away negative thoughts and feelings and do your "Rounds" and your symptoms will disappear. My symptoms have not gone away yet, however my nervous system is calmer and I understand why I have such a hard time getting rid of parasites and bacteria. I love the way Dr Cat has this program structured, and how there are different options for part C of the ABC because I have a difficult time with memories and sometimes even with future visualizations. I love the somatic practices and eye yoga and breath work. I love the way Dr Cat explains things to us and she's easy to listen to, compassionate and firm. I came in with my fix it mentality and thought I would speed right through ha ha, I also didn't think I would need level 2 because I've done a lot of "work" on myself. Totally realizing I need level 2. Thank you Dr Cat and the Primal trust community, I also love my Brilliance Study group. Missy
Stacy Stewart
Stacy Stewart
Primal Trust is THE most comprehensive program out there! Level 1 Regulate is truly a labor of love by Dr. Cat for those seeking healing. I have been with Primal Trust for 3 months and am definitely seeing positive changes and am confident I will see many more as I continue doing the work.
Lauren Moser
Lauren Moser
Primal Trust is a community full of information, tools, and support for anyone who feels stuck in chronic stress, fear, or illness. There is always something new to learn and always people to walk with me through the steps of my journey towards peace and vibrancy. Primal Trust has changed my life and been the #1 most effective tool I have used to gain greater capacity. I am grateful <3
The Grateful V “The Grateful V”
The Grateful V “The Grateful V”
Such an amazing and comprehensive membership that has everything you could need for your healing journey and more. I highly recommend! Dr Cathleen King is brilliant and has a heart of gold which you can see all through this membership. She's the real deal.
Anna Caputo
Anna Caputo
So I’m only a month in but OH MY GOSH I’ve been struggling with a lot of various chronic conditions for 20 years and have tried everything under the sun and have only been getting worse, and the amount of improvement I’ve seen in such a short time doing Primal Trust is frankly almost unbelievable. I fully believe to my core that I am going to not only get my life back but be happier and more physically and mentally comfortable than I’ve ever been. This program is incredible and I am beyond grateful.
Sylvia Haas
Sylvia Haas
Primal Trust has changed my life. I started the mentorship hoping to gain 25% in physical capacity at most. Now, at the end, I can say that it has improved my physical capacity with around 40% and I expect it to continue as I keep applying the tools! This is an amazing result but actually the most valuable thing I take away from the mentorship is that I have finally learned the tools to befriend and trust my body and myself. The sky is the limit from here on!

Primal Trust™ Academy & Community Membership



Revolutionary Brain Retraining and Nervous System Regulation Program – Complete In 2-3 months, drip released weekly over 7 weeks

It’s brain retraining, body-based somatic practices, vagus nerve toning, polyvagal understanding and it’s trauma processing.  Regulate™ weaves it all together in a streamlined way.  PLUS we have almost daily live support classes and a robust community to help you along the way!

When I was on my healing journey, I was taking practices from all of these different people and all these different programs, I thought “how can I put this all together?”
That’s what I’ve done for you and was the first to create a multifaceted program in 2019.  I’ve taken over 7000 through my process and learned what works. I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you, and I carefully guide you through the entire journey of becoming a master of your own nervous system.

I also help you to understand why you might have bumps along the way, why sometimes trauma starts to pop up as you start to heal, and what to do about it.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of how resolving cell danger response is key to helping you self-heal from a variety of conditions.  We implement trauma-informed practices with a polyvagal approach throughout the program.

Level 1

In Regulate™ you will gain a complete understanding of:

  • The Science of the Chronic Stress Response & Cell Danger Theory
  • Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Awareness
  • Vagus Nerve Toning
  • Neuroplasticity- Brain Rewiring
  • Somatic Movement and Presence practices
  • Trauma Healing Principles, /Breath Work and more.
  • Implementation of daily brain-body neuro retraining practices

This is a 2-4 month online comprehensive program.
Modules are released WEEKLY.

Why pacing for level 1?  We have a drip release for level 1 only, dripped weekly over 7 weeks to encourage pacing.  The reason is that Dr. Cat used to allow all access to level 1 and found that those with nervous system dysregulation would frantically rush through the material, applying all the tools at once, and completely overwhelm the nervous system.  The great news is that since the required pacing of the level 1 program has been in place, our outcomes for recovery have skyrocketed, indicating that slow and steady therapeutic approach wins the race!  There is no required pacing for level 2, 3.

Dr. Cat explains this further in the video below.

The Level 1 Regulate™ program is designed for anyone experiencing chronic stress related conditions including:

  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Insomnia
  • Immune Health: Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Long Haul Covid/Viral Infections, Autoimmune
  • Physical Health: Chronic pain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances
  • Emotional Health: Mood, Relationship/Attachment Stress
  • Allergies: Food and Chemical Sensitivities, EMFs
  • Trauma: Co-dependency, Fawning, PTSD

Level 1 Regulate™ Comprehensive Brain-Body Neural Retraining

This is a 2-4 month online comprehensive program.
Modules are released WEEKLY
As part of Level 1, we offer additional live weekly Regulate™ Integration sessions, hosted by Primal Trust™ Mentors.

Check out the entire course outline below!

Level 1 Regulate™ is available to all members of the Primal Trust™ Academy and Community.

This revolutionary course has taken over 3 years to put together.  Dr Cat feels its the most extensive, thorough, complete nervous system guide on the market!

The course is highly structured and you are guided every step of the way. You will be given specific guidelines of which tool to use when, how your daily routine can be set up with many options for customization.

A complete workbook for each module is included. The course is 30 hours total watch time.

Regulate™ Course Outline

Introduction To Regulate™

(4 lessons) 44 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1- Overview of who this for and what we address
  • Lesson 2- Dr Cat’s Healing Story
  • Lesson 3- Origins of Primal Trust Regulate
  • Lesson 4- Primal Trust Vision and Mission

Module 1: Understanding The Science Of Stress

(9 Lessons) 5 hours 22 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is the Chronic Stress Response – General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
  • Lesson 2: Chronic Stress and Limbic System Impairment – Brain-to-Body Stress Cycle
  • Lesson 3: When Stress Doesn’t Stop – Limbic System Overactivation
  • Lesson 4: Inflammation and Cellular Danger Patterns – Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Meditation/Break – Guided “I am okay” practice
  • Lesson 5: Who Gets Stuck In Stress & Illness? Trauma Types and Influences
  • Lesson 6: Cell Danger Response – Mitochondria and Cellular Threat
  • Lesson 7: Specific Conditions  Related To Chronic Stress – Lyme Disease/Infections Long Haul Covid, Chronic Pain, Mold and Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Anxiety, POTS, Digestion
  • Lesson 8- Regulate™ Core Tool #1- Awareness- Pattern Interrupt- Be Here Now Practice
  • Lesson 9: Module 1 Summary – Homework and Symptom Talk Guidelines
    + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 2: Polyvagal Theory and Mapping Your Nervous System

(4 Lessons) 2 hours, 7 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is the Polyvagal Theory? What is the vagus nerve?
  • Lesson 2: Polyvagal mapping:  What is the current state of my nervous system?
  • Lesson 3: 5 Reasons why we may feel worse before better
  • Lesson 4: Summary/ Homework – Using polyvagal mapping to help move out of chronic stress responses + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 3: Vagus Nerve Toning

(7 Lessons) 3 hours 47 minutes watch time

    • Lesson 1: Intro – Why use nervous system calming tools?
    • Lesson 2: WHAT is the vagus nerve? Why use vagal toning practices
    • Lesson 3: Vagus Toning – The Breath and Sound
    • Lesson 4: Vagus Toning – Eye Yoga (functional neurology exercises to improve brain processing)
    • Lesson 5: Additional Vagal Toning Ideas
    • Lesson 6: What Can Happen as You Apply the Tools of Regulation
    • Lesson 7: Summary and Daily Practice Guidelines + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 4: Brain Retraining Home Program

(9 lessons)  5 hours 29 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is brain retraining/ self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Lesson 2: Why we target the memory and visual centers of the brain
  • Lesson 3: The 5 components of Primal Trust™ ABC Dimensional Shift Brain Retraining (Developed 2019)
  • Lesson 4: How to do ABC Brain Retraining (Developed 2019)
  • Lesson 5: What to focus my visualizations on and help with intrusive images
  • Lesson 6: Why Change is hard
  • Lesson 7: Dealing with triggers
  • Lesson 8: Limitations of brain retraining
  • Lesson 9: Summary/ Homework + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 5: Somatic Awareness and Movement

(9 lessons)  4 Hours 2 Minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is somatics? Bottom-up approach
  • Lesson 2: Somatic Awareness: Neuroception, interoception and more
  • Lesson 3: Somatic Orienting Practices 
  • Lesson 4: Somatic Movement Overview
  • Lesson 5: Somatic Movement Practices 
  • Lesson 6: Riding The Polyvagal Wave With Somatics
  • Lesson 7: General Movement Options
  • Lesson 8: Pacing
  • Lesson 9: Module 5 Summary + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 6: Trauma Healing & Breathwork

(8 lessons)  5 hours 30 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What Is Trauma? How Does Trauma Occur?
  • Lesson 2: Trauma Healing & Proper Sequencing Of Treatment
  • Lesson 3: Breaking The Trauma Response Loop Tools
  • Lesson 4: From Primal Fear To Primal Trust
  • Lesson 5: Trauma Presencing Guided Practice
  • Lesson 6: Breathwork Overview and Basic How-To Guide
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Breathwork- Creating Safe Sympathetic Activation
  • Lesson 8: Module 6 Summary + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 7: Putting It All Together and Next steps

(5 Lessons) 3 hours 33 minutes minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What’s At The Root Of It All – Addressing Core Influences
  • Lesson 2: The Transformational Journey – Beyond Level 1
  • Lesson 3: Reclaiming The True Self – Recharging The “Body Battery”
  • Lesson 4: FAQ- What Might Be In The Way Of Healing? And Regulate Practices Overview
  • Lesson 5: Closing Remarks and Final Meditation
Join Today!
PrimalTrustEnEspanolBanner 1236w 273h

Primal Trust™ en Español is here!! 🎉

Launched on Thursday, February 29th, at 10am PST, Primal Trust™ en Español kicked off with a Level 1 Regulate™ course entitled Nivel 1 Condensado! If you or someone you know speaks Spanish and would like to dive into our Level 1 Regulate™ material, this is an excellent opportunity included in the Primal Trust™ membership!

Taught by the fantastic Laura Rasines, Nivel 1 Condensado is recorded and available as part of the Primal Trust™ Membership.
For details in Spanish, please check out Laura’s video message >>>

Click here for further details en Español
Level 2

After Level 1 is Completed…

Primal Trust™ Mentorship – Integrate

Healing linger emotional triggers and trauma patterns using neuroplasticity, ‘parts work’ and trauma-informed healing practices.  Plan 2+ months on level 2 materials.  Must complete level 1 first before level 2 program is unlocked to prevent overwhelm.

Primal Trust™ Mentorship allows you to move past your resistance, your inner protective responses and live a life you love.  This unlocks even deeper self-healing using a combination of inquiry, neuroplasticity and somatic practices.

Prior Learning Requirement: Must Complete Level 1 Regulate™

Join Now

Level 2 program, the Primal Trust™ Mentorship, is an advanced program of Healing and Transformation.

Taking Brain And Nervous System Healing to the next level, this mentorship is to help you heal inner attachment wounding, repattern trauma responses, and experience a deep self knowing called Adult Main Personality development.  This mentorship has been by far the most successful program I’ve developed in helping others find liberation from chronic illness and is not to be missed.

In the Level 2 Primal Trust™ Mentorship, we have a NEW simplified version (2023) and a comprehensive program (2022).
For best results, we recommend doing both versions, beginning with the full comprehensive 2022 course.

Our goal is to REMODEL memories, emotions, and beliefs in order to integrate the past with the present in a healthy way that helps reveal your TRUE SELF IDENTITY.

  • 10 Module Recorded Program
  • Brain Rewiring Attunements
  • Recorded Q&A mentoring
  • Live Group Study Sessions
  • Fully guided workbooks spacer

“For those who have been utilizing brain retraining/neuroplasticity work to heal from chronic illness there can come a time where there’s a knowing that something a bit deeper needs to be explored. There becomes a desire to go within and explore the patterns and trauma that may have been buried beneath the surface, the ones that primed the body for the original dis-ease. Cathleen’s Primal Trust Mentorship provided the tools I needed to fill in the gaps in a way that was effortless for my nervous system to integrate and allow for the new discovery of self-expression and self-empowerment unique to only me. Where retraining is brilliant at starting the ball rolling to reestablish health and function, Cathleen’s course provides the map back to true self, a vibrant, purposeful life and knowing that whatever life offers up, I can and will handle it.”

– Dawn Minami – Primal Trust Graduate and Life Coach


Check out more transformative experiences here.

Mentorship – Both Simplified (2023) and Comprehensive (2022) Versions

(Must complete Level 1 Regulate™ first)

  • 10 Core Classes/Brain retraining attunements for emotional repatterning
  • 10 Recorded Q&A Sessions
  • Simplified and Comprehensive Version Workbooks
  • 20+ Bonus tools and classes
  • Study Group Options, Live Q&As, Integration Classes
  • Experiential Journey Groups (Upon availability – at extra cost)
All classes contain evidence-based neuroscience and somatic awareness principles

  • Introduction- Awareness breath and orienting
  • Class 1 – Inner Identity Awareness
  • Class 2 – True Self Discovery Process
  • Class 3 – Standing in Your Values/There’s Nothing To Fix
  • Class 4 – Daily Structure Sheet
  • Class 5 – Inner Conflict Resolution Process
  • Class 6 – Vision Quest/True Purpose
  • Class 7 – Divine Neutrality
  • Class 8 – Self Resourcing and Heart’s Truth
  • Class 9 – Self Generating Primal Trust Frequency
Level 3 copy

Ongoing Neuro-Retraining Community Teachings – Liberate

Ongoing transformation through being resourced in community.  Level 3 unlocked after completing up through class 5 of 9 of level 2.

The Advanced Community Teachings

LIVE and recorded classes with Dr. Cat and other lead mentors. Includes an extensive resource library of Level 3 teachings!

Prior Learning Requirement: Must Complete Level 1 Regulate™ and Level 2 Mentorship consecutively.

Join Now

Current Level 3 Teachings

Live class series: Expansion and Integration with Simona Irwin, Primal Trust™ Mentor.

Level 3 classes in this series will build on the final class of the simplified mentorship, and touch on common challenges and practical long-term tools and mindsets that continue this life-long transformation.

Group & 1:1 Mentoring For All Levels

group coaching


Saving you massive costs in coaching fees, you can get guidance and direction in a group format with our dozens live classes each month.

Live Q&As with Primal Trust™ Mentors

Free Study Groups and Practice Meetups

Community Forum for Each Level

Integration Classes – Dive deeper into the Primal Trust™ Level 1 or 2 content in a group setting


Forum discussion for all 3 levels of training materials where you will get an individualized response from one or more of the Primal Trust™ community or forum leaders.  You have daily access to guidance and resource help.

1:1 Coaching Options

One-on-one coaching with Primal Trust™ Mentoring Team.  1:1 services to receive a top-notch Primal Trust focused approach to healing.  Affordable pricing ranges from $60-$150/session.

Integration Classes for Levels 1 & 2

Included in your membership, Integration Classes complement the Regulate™ & Primal Trust™ Mentorship modules that are provided for you on our platform, and they’re designed to summarize the modules, help you keep on track, get the most from the program, and unlock even deeper insights.

Weekly Live Community Classes

Live Weekly Class Schedule: Time varies between 5am-8 pm PST, held on zoom


  • Brain-Body Neural Reset Classes for daily calming help
  • Level 1 Live Q&A Sessions with Dr Cat and Mentors
  • Level 1 Integration Classes
  • “Elevate and Regulate™” Classes
  • Sound Healing, Somatics, QiGong, and More!


  • Level 2 Live Q&A Sessions with Dr Cat and Mentors
  • Level 2 Integration Classes
  • Level 3 Advanced Mentoring with Simona Irwin, Primal Trust™ Mentor, Dr Cat, and Others

More than just online classes:  Look at all the live teachings/group support just this week! Come join us!

Screen Shot 2024 05 11 at 10.19.15 am

The Value

All of these products and services are included in your monthly membership!

Level 1 Courses

  • 2022 Level 1 REGULATE™ Comprehensive Brain-Body Neural Retraining 

Level 2 Primal Trust™ Mentorship

  • 2022 Primal Trust™ Advanced Mentorship Comprehensive Training
  • 2023 Primal Trust™ Advanced Mentorship Simplified Training

Live Classes & Drop-in Sessions

  • Live Community Mentoring Classes and Practice sessions
  • Body Brain Neural Reset – 20 minute drop-in sessions. Regulate alongside your community 

Level 3 & Community Video Library

  • Live Advanced teachings and ongoing community support
  • Video Library of all levels classes

Forum & Study Group Community Support

  • Receive personalized guidance by lead Primal Trust™ mentors and others 
  • Community of Fellow Heroes on the same path!
cat sit

Many people spend thousands of dollars every year trying to recover.

I am providing all of this value, the training & support, in-person and recorded, for an all-in cost of just


Billed monthly at $96

No Hidden Fees – Cancel Anytime 


get 2 months FREE

*with an annual subscription

Client Testimonials

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