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Level 1


Restoring Brain and Nervous System Health

ALL NEW!  Primal Trust Regulate™ Has Launched!

Revolutionary Brain and Nervous System Regulation Program

Designed for those struggling with chronic illness, chronic pain, trauma and more.

The focus is on improving nervous system capacity for stress and emotional processing to allow self-healing to occur.

In Regulate™ you will gain a complete understanding of:

  • The Science of the Chronic Stress Response & Cell Danger Theory
  • Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Awareness
  • Vagus Nerve Toning
  • Neuroplasticity- Brain Rewiring
  • Somatic Movement and Presence practices
  • Trauma Healing Principles, /Breath Work and more.
  • Implementation of daily brain-body neuro retraining practices

The Level 1 Regulate™ Training is the prerequisite to the Level 2 Primal Trust™ Mentorship.

This is a 2-4 month online comprehensive program.
Modules are released WEEKLY.  We have a drip release for level 1 only, dripped weekly over 7 weeks to encourage pacing.  The reason is that Dr. Cat used to allow all access to level 1 and found that those with nervous system dysregulation would frantically rush through the material, applying all the tools at once, and completely overwhelm the nervous system.  The great news is that since the required pacing of the level 1 program has been in place, our outcomes for recovery have skyrocketed indicating that a slow and steady therapeutic approach wins the race!

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My level 1 program is designed for anyone experiencing Chronic Stress related conditions including:

  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Insomnia
  • Immune Health: Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Long Haul Covid/Viral Infections, Autoimmune
  • Physical Health: Chronic pain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances
  • Emotional Health: Mood, Relationship/Attachment Stress
  • Allergies: Food and Chemical Sensitivities, EMFs
  • Trauma: Co-dependency, Fawning, PTSD
  • Entrepreneur burnout and overwhelm
  • Or just for self-learning as a healthcare practitioner!
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Level 1 Regulate™ Brain-Body Neural Retraining

This is a 2-4 month online comprehensive program.
Modules are released WEEKLY

Check out the entire course outline below!

This revolutionary course has taken over 3 years to put together.

It has been tested and the results are speaking for themselves- see our testimonials page!

We feel it’s the most extensive, thorough, complete nervous system guide on the market!

The course is highly structured and you are guided every step of the way.

You will be given specific guidelines of which tool to use when, and how your daily routine can be set up with many options for customization.

A complete workbook for each module is included. The course is 30 hours total watch time.

*You may progress to the Level 2 mentorship after completing Level 1 – Regulate as part of your all-access membership!

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Course Outline

Introduction To Regulate™

(4 lessons) 44 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1- Overview of who this for and what we address
  • Lesson 2- Dr Cat’s Healing Story
  • Lesson 3- Origins of Primal Trust Regulate
  • Lesson 4- Primal Trust Vision and Mission

Module 1: Understanding The Science Of Stress

(9 Lessons) 5 hours 22 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is the Chronic Stress Response – General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
  • Lesson 2: Chronic Stress and Limbic System Impairment – Brain-to-Body Stress Cycle
  • Lesson 3: When Stress Doesn’t Stop – Limbic System Overactivation
  • Lesson 4: Inflammation and Cellular Danger Patterns – Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Meditation/Break – Guided “I am okay” practice
  • Lesson 5: Who Gets Stuck In Stress & Illness? Trauma Types and Influences
  • Lesson 6: Cell Danger Response – Mitochondria and Cellular Threat
  • Lesson 7: Specific Conditions  Related To Chronic Stress – Lyme Disease/Infections Long Haul Covid, Chronic Pain, Mold and Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Anxiety, POTS, Digestion
  • Lesson 8- Regulate™ Core Tool #1- Awareness- Pattern Interrupt- Be Here Now Practice
  • Lesson 9: Module 1 Summary – Homework and Symptom Talk Guidelines
    + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 2: Polyvagal Theory and Mapping Your Nervous System

(4 Lessons) 2 hours, 7 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is the Polyvagal Theory? What is the vagus nerve?
  • Lesson 2: Polyvagal mapping:  What is the current state of my nervous system?
  • Lesson 3: 5 Reasons why we may feel worse before better
  • Lesson 4: Summary/ Homework – Using polyvagal mapping to help move out of chronic stress responses + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 3: Vagus Nerve Toning

(7 Lessons) 3 hours 47 minutes watch time

    • Lesson 1: Intro – Why use nervous system calming tools?
    • Lesson 2: WHAT is the vagus nerve? Why use vagal toning practices
    • Lesson 3: Vagus Toning – The Breath and Sound
    • Lesson 4: Vagus Toning – Eye Yoga (functional neurology exercises to improve brain processing)
    • Lesson 5: Additional Vagal Toning Ideas
    • Lesson 6: What Can Happen as You Apply the Tools of Regulation
    • Lesson 7: Summary and Daily Practice Guidelines + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 4: Brain Retraining Home Program

(9 lessons)  5 hours 29 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is brain retraining/ self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Lesson 2: Why we target the memory and visual centers of the brain
  • Lesson 3: The 5 components of Primal Trust™ ABC Dimensional Shift Brain Retraining (Developed 2019)
  • Lesson 4: How to do ABC Brain Retraining (Developed 2019)
  • Lesson 5: What to focus my visualizations on and help with intrusive images
  • Lesson 6: Why Change is hard
  • Lesson 7: Dealing with triggers
  • Lesson 8: Limitations of brain retraining
  • Lesson 9: Summary/ Homework + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 5: Somatic Awareness and Movement

(9 lessons)  4 Hours 2 Minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What is somatics? Bottom-up approach
  • Lesson 2: Somatic Awareness: Neuroception, interoception and more
  • Lesson 3: Somatic Orienting Practices 
  • Lesson 4: Somatic Movement Overview
  • Lesson 5: Somatic Movement Practices 
  • Lesson 6: Riding The Polyvagal Wave With Somatics
  • Lesson 7: General Movement Options
  • Lesson 8: Pacing
  • Lesson 9: Module 5 Summary + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 6: Trauma Healing & Breathwork

(8 lessons)  5 hours 30 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What Is Trauma? How Does Trauma Occur?
  • Lesson 2: Trauma Healing & Proper Sequencing Of Treatment
  • Lesson 3: Breaking The Trauma Response Loop Tools
  • Lesson 4: From Primal Fear To Primal Trust
  • Lesson 5: Trauma Presencing Guided Practice
  • Lesson 6: Breathwork Overview and Basic How-To Guide
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Breathwork- Creating Safe Sympathetic Activation
  • Lesson 8: Module 6 Summary + 2x Q&A / Summary Sessions

Module 7: Putting It All Together and Next steps

(5 Lessons) 3 Hours 30 minutes watch time

  • Lesson 1: What’s At The Root Of It All – Addressing Core Influences
  • Lesson 2: The Transformational Journey – Beyond Level 1
  • Lesson 3: Reclaiming The True Self – Recharging The “Body Battery”
  • Lesson 4: FAQ- What Might Be In The Way Of Healing? And Regulate Practices Overview
  • Lesson 5: Closing Remarks and Final Meditation
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