Catherine Fritz

I am a different person! Not only have I healed and sent my autoimmune condition (Hashimotos) into remission (no more symptoms or antibodies) but I am also hugely resilient, happy 95% of the time and no longer drown in trauma reactions from cPTSD. I am back working, travelling and meeting friends and challenging contact & situations alike… like meeting my mother for the first time in 2 years or even burying a loved one. I can handle everything and stay healthy and with tons of inner peace.

As I joined before Regulate, some benefits are also due to Level 2 already 🙂
– emotional stability
– symptom free!
– Hashimoto in remission
– insulin resistance reversed
– resilience in a thousand ways
– living a normal life
– regained capability to work
– saved my relationship
– happy 95% of the time
– completely changed biochemistry

Anna Caputo

OH MY GOSH I’ve been struggling with a lot of various chronic conditions for 20 years and have tried everything under the sun and have only been getting worse, and the amount of improvement I’ve seen in such a short time doing Primal Trust is frankly almost unbelievable. I fully believe to my core that I am going to not only get my life back but be happier and more physically and mentally comfortable than I’ve ever been. This program is incredible and I am beyond grateful.

I came to this program ready to end my life, but I told myself I had to do everything possible to help myself in order to justify it since I have small kids and I needed to know I’d done everything I could. I am still very early in my process, but after just a couple short months I feel like I have an agency I’ve never had before. I feel like I have the ability, if I have the time and space, to regulate myself through almost anything, and I almost see emotional triggers as a welcome challenge because it’s an opportunity to work on myself.

I have been working with a one on one mentor which is indescribably helpful, and I have been loving the signal group that I’m in. Overall I feel profound gratitude for this program and I can’t wait to get to know myself better and become my true self as I continue on this journey.

My physical symptoms are much better, certainly not gone but mostly manageable, and I’m sometimes able to somatically track them and accept them when they’re bad. Mentally I have been very successful accepting my anxiety and stopping it from being able to get on top of me. More than either of those things though, I feel like my ability to regulate is so so so much better. I have SO much more awareness of where I am, and I have been able to separate my neuronal traumatic responses and have started to be able to respond from my adult main personality more. I feel like I’m still initially reacting internally, but then noticing it, and separating myself from the thoughts, tracking the feelings, and responding differently. It’s a process still but I’m sure as I do it more and more it will become more automatic. My friend just told me today that I seem calmer.

Candace Moss

I am beyond grateful for this Regulate program. After 45+ years of illness and anxiety, and 20+ years of trying every single healing modality I could find, I am finally coming home to myself. Not only are my symptoms about 90% gone, I have a new, tender, trusting relationship with myself and my body.

I always had a deep sense (it felt like a dream) that life could be so much easier, more peaceful and enjoyable. And now I’m finally experiencing that on a daily basis. In real life, in my body. Challenges still arise, but I am SO much more capable of handling them.

The Regulate program is absolutely amazing. I feel like the Primal Trust team has thought of everything. The tools Dr. Cat teaches are simple and totally doable. Now I just weave them into my everyday life. I can hardly believe the difference it makes to have the right combination of practices. My nervous system is getting these fundamental experiences that it never had growing up or throughout most of my adult life. It feels like a miracle- at the age of 46 to actually be feeling this way in my body for the first time ever. I cannot thank you enough.

Every so often I meet someone who has mold illness or an autoimmune diagnosis. When they ask me what I’ve done to deal with these things, I basically tell them: I tried 1,000 things that each helped a little bit, but then my symptoms came back or new ones appeared. Then I found Primal Trust, and now I just keep getting better and better- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s the most comprehensive, well-designed, expertly taught program I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Cat has really hit upon the root cause of so much illness- and suffering- in the world. My hope is for every human who’s ever had anxiety or chronic illness to have access to this understanding and these tools.

Marla Hall

I know that God led me here for healing …TRUE healing. After 8 years of going to every doctor under the sun my functional doctor said “Hey I have a suggestion…try Primal Trust”. I looked into it and to be honest had a very negative mindset. Thinking “Really..?? How can this heal me”. I’m sure all of us on our healing journey get to that point. Trying EVERYTHING and still are sick, hopeless, tired, in pain, anxious, depressed, isolated.
Just after the 1st month with Primal Trust I could already tell a difference. I had my first surgery back in 2012 and my chronic illnesses and auto immune diseases started in 2015. You know how it is..every doctor “diagnosing” you with something. More labels …more prescriptions. Until Primal Trust!!! No this is all resolvable by creating new neuro pathways. Yes it takes work to go back and deal with what is uncovered.
It takes work to set boundaries. It takes work to tell people no and make time for ABC, Somatics, Breathwork, Eye Yoga, and inner work. But Ooooohhhh so worth it. I’m finding my true me again and it brings me to tears.
My illness is not my identity, my pain is not my identity. I’m healing, learning, calming down, finding safety, laughing again, eating again, finding inner peace. As I‘m resolving and dissolving resistance patterns and coming into trust my symptoms are dissipating.
I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Cat starting this program. THIS IS TRUE HEALING!
Dr. Cat got to the root, the pruning is happening, and new life is emerging. I’m off of 3 medications. My colonic inertia is healing after 2 years. My pain, brain fog, chronic fatigue is better by 80%. Im realizing after the inner work what my triggers are and better deal with them when they come. After doing somatics I awakened to how numb my body was and how to get it back online. I’m also going back and dealing with trauma that I have suppressed and probably what made me ill in the first place.

Kelly Barber

Physically, when I started this program I  couldn’t walk or stand for more than maybe 10 seconds at a time. These  physical restrictions shrunk my life so  dramatically. Emotionally, I felt so scared,  confused, angry, and embarrassed about  what was happening to me. Chronic pain  had become my identity.

Over the course of Regulate (only a 2.5  month period!) and the pain reprocessing  somatic practices I was doing for a couple  of months prior to starting Regulate, I saw  slow but extremely steady improvements  to my physical, mental, and emotional well  being.

Regulate taught me how to be embodied  and made me realize I’d gone my whole life dissociated from my body. I had  profound, spiritual moments of healing  finding my true self through embodiment.

I did Regulate while on a parallel journey  of spiritual discovery going deeper into my  chosen religion of Hinduism. The two  things went together in such a beautiful,  transformative way.

Regulate gave me confidence, conviction,  and understanding for what I was  experiencing. Feeling like an insane,  weak, failure of a person for experiencing  mysterious chronic pain was the number  one thing holding me back so simply  understanding the science and the why  behind what was happening to me was  incredibly liberating.

I am 100% physically healed now (really,  as of about 2 weeks ago – [today is July 5, 2023]) but much more  importantly, I am spiritually transformed  and on the most beautiful path that I will  continue on for the rest of my life.

Cheryl Anderson

Primal Trust has been a completely different experience than other things I have tried. It has filled in the missing pieces to the puzzle. I experienced a significant mood shift very early on. One of the strongest indicators to me that it was working was when I realized that I had been staying in a moldy environment for 3 weeks and was completely unaware. I would have had alarms going off previously and I also didn’t crash after being around chemicals. I love that this program teaches the science.

There is some built in flexibility and it encourages self-compassion, which is so important. My energy started improving pretty quickly and I have been able to start walking a few days a week and the somatics classes have given this over 60 person her body back. Inflammation, stiffness, and associated pain are so greatly reduced. I can get on the floor with my grandkids without wondering if I’ll be stuck there. I think patience and perseverance are key.

Just keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you. My difficulties have been met with instruction on boundaries and understanding how to move through trauma that I didn’t even realize was trauma. I have only done this for 4 months, and really 3 because I was away for a month, so I still have more to go on this journey and expect many more improvements.

I am looking forward to the inner work in level 2 that I believe will restore even more calm and strength than level one has already given me. These tools are gold and will go with me wherever life takes me.


I came into Primal Trust at just the right time. I had gone through some rough experiences the months prior and all while dealing with autoimmune diseases, anxiety and debilitating fatigue.

Through primal trust I learned to do so many things that benefited me mentally, emotionally and physically. And while it definitely wasn’t always easy I decided to believe in myself and in Regulate.
I learned so much in this program that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Pattern intrupting, breathwork and vagal toning, brain retraining, somatics and addressing trauma have all helped me to connect deeper with my body and taught me to be present, both, with my body and in the moment.

This truly is a comprehensive program and covers what is needed to regulate the nervous system in a detailed and easy to understand way.
The thing that I most appreciate is how it is reiterated several times throughout the modules to take things slow! This, I believe, is key to really being able to absorb and process all of the information that is taught in Regulate.
I took nearly a year to finished Level 1 and I needed every bit of it.

I’m happy to say I have seen some amazing progress on this journey. I don’t have any issues with light or smells anymore. I am dealing with sounds so much better. I was completely bedridden at the beginning of the program and I now am spending time doing things I love. I even made it to my son’s birthday party. While I am seen and felt improvement I do have a ways to go. But I have no doubt I will continue to grow and transform as I keep utilizing my tools and staying connected to me.


I have done multiple brain retraining programs. I also work with people who have chronic pain and have done professional trainings. But I have never ever felt so personally validated listening to Dr. Cat. Because of past programs, I am great at riding through symptoms- I always get better….and I forget I have limbic system issues. I go back to living life but then stress comes in, I get stuck in sympathetic and symptoms come right back.

I have complex trauma. No other program explains complex trauma and the nervous system like Dr Cat does.

I finally understand myself. I’m still working on myself, but I am finally aware of myself….aware of my nervous system and patterns! Listening to Dr. Cat and other Primal trust members, I think to myself- these people are just like me!!!

It’s sad, to know others have experienced trauma and chronic illness, but also so normalizing to see I am not alone. Dr. Cat is an inspiration, hearing her story. I love how Primal Trust explains how to use brain retraining for things other than symptoms.

Other programs just focus on symptoms. But what’s creating the symptoms- trauma, life, the nervous system. I still have a lot of work to do, but Ive also come along way. Joining Primal Trust was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

Kaela Gallagher

I deeply appreciate the competence and coherence of the Primal Trust program and the ways it has helped me to deepen my commitment to living. I am more relaxed and aware as I ride the polyvagal wave, have greater curiosity and capacity to embrace a wider spectrum of experience, and I have a more solid foundation of integrity from which to choose how to participate in life.

I feel uplifted and supported by a wider container and community, which continues to give me more courage to choose authenticity over attachment, and to speak my truth with compassion while holding others in their truth.

I find myself willing to take more relational risks in order to learn and grow and I can feel how I am moving towards all of the tiny miracles that are available to me even in seemingly ordinary moments. I’m more fluid in my transitions from dorsal-vagal, ventral-vagal and sympathetic, and I’m more aware in general of what brain state I am in at any particular moment.

I’m more inspired by and receptive to the blessings all around me that offer beauty, regulation and reciprocity even as I move through symptoms. I am also reigniting my curiosity around discovering my unique way of contributing to the world, of finding meaningful work and of increasing my participation with life. I feel more trusting in life’s guidance in a way that also includes struggle and challenge and am more trusting in my agency to respond well. I’m in deeper contact with myself which has generated compassion for who I truly am and for who others are. I can feel myself taking steps towards sovereignty and most importantly, I trust my process.

I exuberantly encourage anyone who is considering joining this program to take the next step and to connect with many others who are doing the same. Primal Trust is so much more than a symptom relief toolbox, it’s an invitation to come home to ourselves, to live and create from a place of true belonging, and to become who our hearts already know us to be.

Jo. M

Symptoms Experienced Before:

Headaches and migraines.
Obsessive overeating.
Ruminating thoughts.
Hopelessness and despair.
Inability to feel certain parts of my body (Dissociation).



Less headaches and migraines during and after exercise.
Less rumination and the toolkit to calm my mind and body.
Deep understanding of the polyvagal ladder: I know now that, when I’m in dorsal vagal, I need to go through sympathetic activation in order to reach ventral vagal.
I can tolerate more and more stress without “exploding”, for example when having discussions with my partner.
I can distinguish better between being physically exhausted or just in dorsal shutdown.
I can shift from feeling hopeless, stuck, immobile, freezed to at least sympathetic by doing exercise (HIIT), breathwork, eye yoga, voo breath, somatics etc.
I’m much more conscious of my flashbacks/regressions to “trauma mode”. I haven’t overcome them yet, but most of the time I’m conscious of them, can look at them and use my tools to break the pattern.
I’ve started doing HIIT training with a personal trainer and seeing huge improvements in my physical AND mental state. I learn more and more that sympathetic activation is safe.
I talk more in public and in group calls without feeling shame.
I’ve started seeing a somatic experiencing practitioner and I am on my way to actually FEEL what’s going on in my body and how my mind wants to interfere.
I’m more and more able to distinguish between stories in my head which elicit to certain feelings, and the pure sensations in my body without the story attached.
I know now that it is the feeling of SAFETY that I was longing for a long, long time.
I learn more and more to distinguish between real hunger and emotional, obsessive eating.

Primal Trust™ Ambassador

As a Primal Trust ambassador I am often being asked how the program is different from DNRS, or Gupta, or Irene Lyons, or Peter Levine, or German new medicine or other programs. From my perspective, as someone who participated in several of these programs, here’s where I see the key difference.  PT is all-encompassing, meaning that it incorporates a variety of practices and approaches. When you do DNRS, it’s mostly about positive visualizations. With Gupta, the focus is on meditation and visualization. With Peter Levine it will be all about Somatics. So a lot of people go from program to program, looking for what they need, and never finding it because what they really need is a comprehensive blended approach, rather than stand alone disjointed  modalities.

Primal Trust brings it all together, like a one stop shopping.  You will learn about many different approaches to self-healing and transformation under one roof, and you can then mix and match your learnings to create your own individualized program. And when you find something that works, you can really lean into it. And when you no longer resonate with that particular approach, you can go back to the well of Primal Trust, and find another approach, modality or tool, that is more appropriate for the stage of the journey you are at.

Another huge advantage of Primal Trust is the community. I cannot speak enough about how beneficial the community is when we’re trying to heal from chronic illness. Out of all the tools that will learn in Primal Trust, community is the one that is my favorite and that works for me consistently with greatest benefits. The kind of a community that we have a Primal Trust is unmatched by any other programs, hands-down.  Just that in itself gives us a strong advantage in our healing.

Recently, I learned about another distinction between Primal Trust and some other programs. I took a six-month program with somebody whose work I respect and revere greatly. I chose to do it for my own benefit, and because I was so fascinated with the person and the topic. And while it was a joy and a pleasure to learn from the best minds in the trauma and chronic illness community, I couldn’t help but notice how that program was no match for Primal Trust,  in terms of how the material was organized and presented. The program offered multiple tools with very little practical guidance as to how to organize them, and how and when to use them. It wasn’t a structured, coherent program, but rather a list of tools with some brief summary of how this tool works. The material was presented in somewhat confusing and disorganized way, and it was hard to see how these exercises connect to the material.  I was still able to benefit from this program, mainly because i already had all the prior knowledge of many of these topics from Primal Trust. Some people, including myself, find Primal Trust overwhelming, especially in the beginning. I actually think now that it is in the middle of the overwhelm scale. There are basic, one-modality programs that tell you exactly what to do and when. These programs would be low on the owerwhelm scale. And then there are programs like the one I just attended, that are highly complex and not well organized. These programs would be high on the overwhelm scale. People from low-overwhelm programs end up in Primal Trust, because for a lot of us one modality is not enough. People who participate in high overwhelm programs are likely to end up in Primal Trust also, as they get lost and confused with having great tools and complex science behind them, but lack clear understanding how to benefit from them. I hope this helps those who are wondering about this.

Selena Callahan

WOW! Where do I even begin?

I started Primal Trust at the end of January 2023 and it has been life changing. I have been sick for the last 3 years and it took several years before I found an answer to the unexplained decline in my health. Prior to being sick, I lived a very clean lifestyle eating organic and using the best products possible. When I became sick no one could understand why and many people told me I had mental health issues and needed to just get over it. I finally found out that I had mold illness and chronic lyme. I have spent the last year and a half working with several practitioners trying to heal and have only been able to get so far. I had unexplained reactions to supplements and wasn’t able to complete many protocols because I couldn’t tolerate most things.

I started working with Dr. Jaban Moore at the beginning of this year and he recommended your program on my first day. I started that night and very quickly have shifted everything. It’s like I am coming back to life! I have more energy, I’m more calm, I can tolerate protocols he has me on, and finally feel like I have found the missing link after all these years! I am still in module 4 and can’t believe the improvements I have seen not even halfway through the program! I work from home and have spent a lot of time in isolation from being sick and have loved the community aspect of this program so much. I enjoy being able to integrate these classes into my schedule each day and connect with others going through the same thing.

I am so grateful for this program and feel incredibly lucky to have found it! Thank you again for this amazing program! I am eternally grateful.

Odessa Aronson

I am loving this program and gaining so much. I have needed Primal Trust my entire life. Looking forward to the continuing journey.

Charlotte Gomes

Regulate™ is such a comprehensive yet accessible program that delves deep into the science of trauma, nervous system & somatics. Not only have I been able to educate myself about how my body & brain work, but I also got to create a steady routine with practical tools to process my emotions & soothe my nervous system in a way that finally felt safe.

 I’ve been homebound for almost 8 years due to chronic illness and after completing Regulate™ and incorporating the revolutionary tools that Dr Cathleen King provides us with, things have started to shift for me. The daily use of brain retraining (ABC) coupled with body presence allowed me to bring back safety into my body in a way that no other program has ever able to do. 

Most importantly, I finally came to the realization that the goal is not about alleviating my symptoms anymore, Healing is finding my way back home – creating a life I LOVE, connecting to my true self everyday as I dialogue with my body that yearned to talk to me for so long

Aline R.

I started my Primal Trust journey a little less than 5 months ago and yesterday It hit me how much progress I have made and how much closer I am to living the life I want and deserve.

This past month I have started to really feel a shift in my energy level, I was able to go out for dinner one night and then go eat out again the next day!! Not only I had the energy to do that, but I also wasn’t worried about what could happen, I wasn’t rehearsing the catastrophe scenario.  My husband was so surprised when I told him I wanted to go out as I never wanted to leave the house since being sick, especially to eat.
Also about 1,5 month ago I started walking every morning, I realized it was making a huge impact on my healing especially because Im surrounded with beautiful nature, tired or not, Im going, and yesterday I ran!!! I mean not just a little, I ran 5K! I had not run for about 3 years… and yes, I’m sore today but I feel so grateful and strong and proud of myself but not just for running, but for running while I’m still dealing with symptoms. and for listening to my body meaning not over doing it and stopping when I felt the need to.
This coming Sunday my husband and I will be going to a Spring Training game and I’m really looking forward to being out with people and have a great time connecting.

All of that to say, I’m not even close to be healed (I have autoimmune diseases) but I’m feeling better, and I don’t want to let my illnesses define me! I want to point out that going to live classes regularly on top of doing my daily practices made a huge difference! 


This Regulate Program has helped me build a great tool kit for working with my nervous system discover process. It has also added context to the tools so I am not simply throwing things at my system, but rather have a better sense for what types of tools may be right for me at different times of my process.

I am truly grateful for this education and the chance to share some of what I learn with others. Thank you.

Laura Hunt

One year ago today, I joined Primal Trust. It has been a year of ups and downs, challenges, struggles and some heartache. But it has also been a year of tremendous growth in my awareness, decrease in my symptoms, and healing in my relationship with my spouse. I can’t thank @Cathleen King enough for her courage, strength and creative genius to start PT, and  @Aaron Matthew King for being an absolutely amazing mentor over the past year. I also want to thank the other mentors, as well as the community whom without their continued encouragement, support and inspiration, I wouldn’t be where I am presently. My heart is full with love and gratitude for all of you.

I wanted to share a win that took me more than 3 decades, and a year of brain retraining, to get to…

I have always been underweight and felt insecure about my body. Eight years ago, this issue was exacerbated when I found out that I had numerous food allergies and sensitivities. I know now, thanks to this program, that it was really just my nervous system in dire need of being regulated. I lost more weight over the first few months of having a restricted diet than what I could afford to lose. I felt like I was a walking bag of bones and I avoided looking in full length mirrors and getting on scales. Thank God, I “accidently found” Primal Trust.

During the first few months of Level One (March 7, 2022 – late spring ’22), I used the tools and was able to re-introduce many of the foods had been triggers for me. By the end of last summer, I had successfully integrated all the foods I used to love and eat into my diet and was doing so with almost no symptoms!  And for the first time in many months, I felt comfortable enough to get on a scale last week. I was elated to discover I have gained 26 pounds in 1 year!! Yay me! I look better! I feel better! I did it! I am so proud and happy that I didn’t quit when I thought I couldn’t keep doing this!

For those of you struggling, hang in there. It is doable. Be patient and give yourself permission to have setbacks and go slow! It is hard, but you are f*cking stronger than you think!

Thank you to everyone for your part, big and small, in my success!


Yana Olsen

Really thorough and comprehensive platform broken down into easily digestible lessons with both videos and written information. I had learned/seen a lot of what is taught in this program elsewhere but now I understand it because of the way it was taught here.

I am now actually enjoying things I’ve tried before like meditation, yoga, somatics and feeling the benefits. The trauma informed approach of this program is pervasive through all aspects and really appreciated.

I’m really impressed with the weaving of information and slow progression throughout the modules so as to really integrate the knowledge and find what works for me

Mounika Thatakula

I have been extremely hypervigilant about the environmental toxins, my symptoms, mold, and a lot more. Primal Trust has given me freedom from chasing one symptom after another.

I have been a little bit more open to new experiences instead of worrying about finding mold everywhere, avoiding places and food items altogether. Primal Trust has given me my mental peace back. The Primal Trust community has made me feel like I belong and that I’m understood.

It’s invaluable. I’m truly grateful for coming across this beautiful platform. If you’re someone who’s struggling like me, you should go ahead. Even if you’re not chronically ill, this membership has a lot to offer, in terms of true self discovery and living according to the true self values. <3 Dr. Cat, you have been brilliant!

Alexandra Berzak

I am so grateful for primal trust. It came into my life in divine timing, as all things do. I explain primal trust to people as the roots beneath the earth and the tree. I had been doing DNRS ( dynamic neural retraining system) to heal my illnesses related to limbic impairment, for 1.5 years when primal trust entered my life. I had hit a standstill with dnrs and primal trust has helped me address the underlying structures and narratives contributing to my limbic system impairment. It’s not work for the faint of heart. Because it is deeply “rooted” structures, it can cause some uprooting, but I trust the process and I trust Dr. Cat as I feel she has a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious thought patterns driving chronic illness. For those interested in doing it, I would recommend pacing yourself if you see symptoms arise, and know it’ll all pass. I’m so grateful this program came into my life when it did. It got me over the hump I was in. Forever grateful to Dr. Cat.

Jill White

Participating in Dr. Cat’s Primal Trust Mentorship has been transformative in the months that I have been engaging in and incorporating her tools and systems into my life. I am much more grounded and have a much much much clearer picture of where I am going, while approaching each and every day as a day to be and to create, no matter what I do.   I was crying out for structure in my daily life to keep me grounded and centered and focused, and I now have that. It has lit the spark that I’ve always had in me and turned it into a burning flame to embrace my True Self, and to live abundantly within her.  My overall well-being is settling into confidence and a sense of “observing” and letting things surface and grow as they will.  I am speaking up rather than allowing things to stay stuck inside of me, even if it is imperfect.  There are honestly, too many things to name that have been added to my life in going through the mentorship.  It has definitely been a springboard for me into my amazing life!!!  I am currently going back through and will be excited to be adding more aspects that needed more time to surface.


I just want to say how grateful I am for the Primal Trust (PT) mentorship. I want to share with you how this has been an important step in my life. Perhaps this can give hope to others who are new here or interested in PT.

I know what it is like to be bed-bound and extremely limited. The first time I heard of anyone who had been where I was and gotten better was when I heard about DNRS, and I knew I had to try it. While it was one of the things that did help me feel hope again and take steps forward, I knew something was really missing, because it was so emotionally avoidant and I used to be able to hold space for others. When I heard about PT it really resonated with me, and I started the mentorship at my own slow pace when I was capable enough. 

From the start I have found Dr. Cat’s work amazing, the combination of her clinical experience, her own transformation journey, her clear mission and skills in guiding others. Her ability to draw from and unite different modalities, to be vulnerable and strong. I also have loved the advice and support from the mentors, primal trust guides and community members who feel like friends!

The best thing I have gained from PT is probably that I feel much more like myself and more at home in my body. I am much more capable of feeling triggered and feeling okay, feeling hurt and feeling compassion for myself and others.

I am much more aware of when I am aligned, and when I am acting from a “part” or old defense mechanisms. Sometimes I can really just feel the “old energy” of a “part” coming up, and just know before it even starts an impulse or thought inside of me that it is just a cellular memory, just an illusion. I still get “hijacked”, but I more often experience being outside of it. I am more capable of making good choices for myself (even my clairvoyant energy healer confirms this!).

I enjoy life more as it is, even if I am not “fully recovered”. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel motivated to walk the path.


To have this program in the midst of so much heaviness has given me GROUNDING like I can’t explain. It has given me a place to go when my body and mind and soul are broken in the deepest sense of the word.


A feeling of being at home in my body, usually right in my belly, feeling comfy and safe, like I am holding myself.

Michele Palmer

I have more conviction in my journey and although my journey seemed impossible at times, and wanted to end it all. This mentorship has reminded me of me – and what my gifts are. I am moving forward on teaching – what I have been called to do for decades, I am rediscovering the gift of community- reaching out more, going for the gusto – not holding back and fully believing in me and my journey.

Sylvia Haas

Primal Trust has changed my life. I started the mentorship hoping to gain 25% in physical capacity ar most. Now, at the end, I can say that it has improved my physical capacity with around 40% and I expect it to continue as I keep applying the tools! This is an amazing result but actually the most valuable thing I take away from the mentorship is that I have finally learned the tools to befriend and trust my body and myself. The sky is the limit from here on!

Robin Walter

I am so grateful to Cathleen for the endless hours she had put into creating this Mentorship.  I have been doing some form of brain retraining for years… but TODAY is the first day that I really realized that I am not sick!  I have an injured limbic system.  It may sound odd that it just sunk in as I’ve learned that and regurgitated the info for years… but I know it today.

Falguni Bhavsar

Tonight, the eagle helped my MP prevail…the parts are calm…the part party has quieted and now I am here now in this…with freedom in choice…no resistance to the very thing I want…freedom.  I feel so empowered and embodied and at one with all the parts I shared today.

I have no reason to eat tonight…I have freedom.  This is a start of the very thing I want to create: freedom and comfort…I feel both.  I don’t need food to have those two very things I value. Hallelujah.

Cat…this is a topic that has waxed and waned for sometime now … and I have this deep knowing that it is settled, integrated.  I am truly heartfelt grateful for this program and learning.  You are a miracle to me.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 

I cannot say this enough…I have freedom and comfort within me.

Dovida Goodman

When I met with Cat in my pre-mentorship interview, we both agreed that one major element of what I am working towards is becoming happy to be alive. Not sure I’ve ever really felt this. I trusted that this is something that would come naturally – that would sprout at some point thanks to the work I’m doing here.

Yesterday I became aware that I was feeling happy. The feeling is still present today and I just realized


This tender young shoot is ready to grow deep roots down into the ground and upwards to the heavens.

Madison Tooley

A feeling of being at home in my body usually right in my belly feeling comfy and safe there like I am holding myself.

What changes in your life have been most significant since starting the Primal Trust mentorship?

I moved! Literally hearing Cathleen’s voice in my head  saying live your life. I started couples therapy and am having much better communication with my partner. And I am returning to work in a week and a half after 20 months off!

Amber Davis

What primal trust feels like: it feels like a knowing that everything is going to be alright, like being connected to a field of possibilities. It is a soft, expansive feeling, flowy, joyful, and it feels great to be alive and I can’t wait to see what ‘happens next’. I feel confident and have an effortless sense of humour about everything. I know I am worthy, and cherished. In my body I feel the energy flow, like Spring.

Janet Bone

Feeling that this mentorship is the missing piece of the puzzle in my retraining. Bringing me a feeling of hope, and a glimpse of calm.

Julie Smith

Wow. My level of awareness has increased so much! I don’t know how to describe it, exactly. It’s been amazing to get back in touch with my essence. I love that I’m sparkling, transcendent, joyful, and connected! I always thought just one of my parents was not there for me because he was so blatantly abusive, but I see now that I didn’t really have either parent protecting me during my early childhood. That knowledge has led me to see just how strong and resilient my MP is. I AM here. I feel limitless and back in touch with more of the real me. I can get connected much faster now, and the DSS and ABC and attunements are guiding my subconscious beautifully. I’m almost finished with my Vision Quest and look forward to completing it! I’ve weaned off Ativan and made it through contracting Covid as I’ve gone through your mentorship. It’s been quite a journey, and I’m just getting started!

Thank you for all that you poured into us!

*I embody expansiveness and peace, always free to create fun, beauty and abundance.

Ashley Adams

What changes in my life have been most significant since starting (teaching) the program? 

 I would have to say that my relationships have also improved. I communicate my needs and wants much more clearer with my husband. 

I have deep loving conversations with my children instead of barking orders or not taking the time to talk with them. 

I have also noticed that I am putting less blame on life situations and instead looking at them as teachers that have led me to finding my true self. 

I just wanna say a huge thank you to Cathleen. I feel honored to have been in this mentorship with you all. I finally feel like I can really be me now. I accept all parts of me and look forward to discovering more of me!

Dawn Minami

I am more focused even on the days where that may be a challenge. The structure sheet gives me a record of the small and larger steps I’ve taken since the Mentorship began. The items on the sheet represent a well rounded list of activities and tasks to accomplish. Before this system I was so far over on the feminine side that it created a lot of anxiety to the point of sometimes being paralyzing. I trust myself that I’m steadily moving forward to create and not just fix/heal. I’ve moved forward with my business and a HeartMath certification and also make time for play, nature and art. Being aware of my parts and brules has created an understanding and compassion for myself (and others) and why I’ve had challenges that have kept me in perpetual limbo. Most of all, I have a sense of centeredness and trust in my intuition and knowing that I can handle life’s seasons.

Tomoko Tillery

-I can stay with the uncomfortable feeling/emotions in the body first AND knowing it is OK.-My “parts” wanting to run a show but I am fully aware of them-Decision to  start  to “do” life  (going out and eating what I want etc) instead of waiting till I don’t have them to live life.-Writing down all the  brules, which were 250+ (OH MY! ) and noticing I have been carrying a lot more than a thought  from culture, society, family lineage, people’s expectations and more.-Realization of myself carrying a victim-hood of suppression of feminine, which created so much anger.-Putting joy first. Sing, dance, art!-Going out to chat with my neighbors, having a connection with people and nature.

Ashley Adams

Signing up for your Primal trust course was a last minute decision and on that first night, I knew I was in the right place when you shared your experience of being in the church. It gave me so much validation and hope for better things to come. I love that you said that your “worthiness was an innate part of you rather than something that is earned!” That is the most pure and truthful message that could ever have been said! I think I will be adding that to all those profound quotes from you! Another favorite is “The only infection I have is fear.”

So many wonderful lessons and life changing messages from you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work to bring forth this beautiful alchemy community!

 I think another profound one for me is coming to the realization, through your course that all along there was nothing I needed to fix. That was huge!!

Cheryl Snyder

I am so very grateful for you sharing your sensitivity, knowledge and wisdom with us.  I feel as though I’ve known you for eons. And I look forward to delving in deeper to all you have presented thus far and to continuing to evolve as we flow into Living Alchemy

Laura Scheindlin

Thanks for bringing this and us all together – it’s so powerful.

Robin W.

With the Primal Trust Mentorship I am experiencing much more confidence in being my true self which is resulting in better health mentally and physically.

Lisa Samson-Gatto

The Primal Trust course with Dr. Cathleen King came to me just when I needed it. I had practiced DNRS for about a year when I enrolled. The course is a beautiful container held by Dr. Cat where we take a deep dive into what we want to create in our lives. Her knowledge, wisdom and experience provide a unique way of presenting brain-retraining and neuroplasticiity that helped me to heal and grow further along my path. It has propelled me to funnel my talents and gifts in a way that I am incorporating into my daily life. The information and the work that I am doing because of the course is ongoing. I am beyond grateful that I embarked upon this journey with Dr. King and my fellow Primal Trust Sistars.

Janet B.

I am so happy i chose to take Cathleen King’s course! I have practised DNRS for over a year and very grateful i found it. However i needed more to continue my transformational journey. Through Cathleen’s detailed and heartfelt teachings, i am discovering my true self and how that is crucial to my self care, boundaries, healing of old wounds and relationships; so my body and mind are aligned in healthy play and work.


Cathleen does a seamless job at interweaving many elements through the map of transformation that she has created from her own experience. It has helped me start to organize around a structure to help me step into the word and face my demons. It has shown me how to move forward with the foundation I built in areas I have lacked Primal Trust. This has really ignited my Fire.

Chris G.

I think this is why I stopped really wanting to do DNRS coaching appointments, I realized I was doing the same thing over and over just to be soothed or told I was doing OK. Cathleen appointments are a little different, like going to see The Oracle in the Matrix”


As someone who’s been at brain rewiring for so many years, Primal Trust addresses questions I’ve had for so long. Though I’ve just recently started, it’s a game changer. Grateful only begins to describe my relief.

Steve Connolly

Primal Trust is amazing. A platform where you can learn about yourself, and how your past and your mind can create difficulties in your body, and then provides approaches for what to do about it.
I started Primal Trust at the start of 2021, and it has been massively stabilising for me, and increased my capacity, which has been very limited in the past. I have now completed the course twice, and now support the community with mentoring, and guiding study groups.
One of the most brilliant aspects of the platform is the sheer quantity and quality of content which is on offer and included within the monthly subscription. And I have the deepest of thanks to give to Cat King for the progress I have made.

Linda Coen

The Primal Trust Mentorship has had a really positive effect on my life.  Dr. Cat is so genuine in her delivery and has each class put together with so much thought and perfect sequencing from one week to the next. It all ties in together seamlessly. I now think and react from my authentic true self in just about every part of my life.  This mentorship is a treasure.

Luanne Hopkinson

What has been the result of participating in the mentorship?

It has taken my approach to recovery to the next level. I understand myself so much better and feel supported as I create my new life. I know I can support myself, and I don’t feel the need to rush for external validation or support, I am internally resourced.

What was the most valuable thing you gained from the process?

Understanding myself and tools and approaches to use when challenges arise.

What effect has the mentorship had on your overall wellbeing?

My health has improved and my emotional wellbeing has soared. Comparing who I was when I started 9 months ago and who I am now is lightyears away.

Thank you for the amazing programs.

Jo Roberts

I just wanted to take a minute to say how amazing you are and how grateful I am to have your words of wisdom in my ear when I am at the point of awareness. I am now exercising regularly and feel a huge shift, mentally and physically, and am sooooo happy.

Keep doing what you’re doing! I feel that everything you say is GOLDEN light transforming my soul!