Luanne Hopkinson

What has been the result of participating in the mentorship?

It has taken my approach to recovery to the next level. I understand myself so much better and feel supported as I create my new life. I know I can support myself, and I don’t feel the need to rush for external validation or support, I am internally resourced.

What was the most valuable thing you gained from the process?

Understanding myself and tools and approaches to use when challenges arise.

What effect has the mentorship had on your overall wellbeing?

My health has improved and my emotional wellbeing has soared. Comparing who I was when I started 9 months ago and who I am now is lightyears away.

Thank you for the amazing programs.

Alexandra Berzak

I am so grateful for primal trust. It came into my life in divine timing, as all things do. I explain primal trust to people as the roots beneath the earth and the tree. I had been doing DNRS ( dynamic neural retraining system) to heal my illnesses related to limbic impairment, for 1.5 years when primal trust entered my life. I had hit a standstill with dnrs and primal trust has helped me address the underlying structures and narratives contributing to my limbic system impairment. It’s not work for the faint of heart. Because it is deeply “rooted” structures, it can cause some uprooting, but I trust the process and I trust Dr. Cat as I feel she has a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious thought patterns driving chronic illness. For those interested in doing it, I would recommend pacing yourself if you see symptoms arise, and know it’ll all pass. I’m so grateful this program came into my life when it did. It got me over the hump I was in. Forever grateful to Dr. Cat.

Jill White

Participating in Dr. Cat’s Primal Trust Mentorship has been transformative in the months that I have been engaging in and incorporating her tools and systems into my life. I am much more grounded and have a much much much clearer picture of where I am going, while approaching each and every day as a day to be and to create, no matter what I do.   I was crying out for structure in my daily life to keep me grounded and centered and focused, and I now have that. It has lit the spark that I’ve always had in me and turned it into a burning flame to embrace my True Self, and to live abundantly within her.  My overall well-being is settling into confidence and a sense of “observing” and letting things surface and grow as they will.  I am speaking up rather than allowing things to stay stuck inside of me, even if it is imperfect.  There are honestly, too many things to name that have been added to my life in going through the mentorship.  It has definitely been a springboard for me into my amazing life!!!  I am currently going back through and will be excited to be adding more aspects that needed more time to surface.

Linda Coen

The Primal Trust Mentorship has had a really positive effect on my life.  Dr. Cat is so genuine in her delivery and has each class put together with so much thought and perfect sequencing from one week to the next. It all ties in together seamlessly. I now think and react from my authentic true self in just about every part of my life.  This mentorship is a treasure.

Jo Roberts

I just wanted to take a minute to say how amazing you are and how grateful I am to have your words of wisdom in my ear when I am at the point of awareness. I am now exercising regularly and feel a huge shift, mentally and physically, and am sooooo happy.

Keep doing what you’re doing! I feel that everything you say is GOLDEN light transforming my soul! 


To have this program in the midst of so much heaviness has given me GROUNDING like I can’t explain. It has given me a place to go when my body and mind and soul are broken in the deepest sense of the word.


A feeling of being at home in my body, usually right in my belly, feeling comfy and safe, like I am holding myself.

Michele Palmer

I have more conviction in my journey and although my journey seemed impossible at times, and wanted to end it all. This mentorship has reminded me of me – and what my gifts are. I am moving forward on teaching – what I have been called to do for decades, I am rediscovering the gift of community- reaching out more, going for the gusto – not holding back and fully believing in me and my journey.