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From chronic pain to anxiety, Lyme disease to mold illness, chronic fatigue to long Covid, our program has kindled the flame of healing, allowing our participants to reclaim their lives.

Here, we celebrate the remarkable individuals who have dared to dream that their healing is possible, regardless of how long they have been ill or what they have been told, and conquer their fears, emerging stronger, wiser, and filled with renewed vitality. They have learned the art of utilizing brain retraining and nervous system regulation with Primal Trust, and unlocked the body’s capacity to change and heal from a myriad of diagnoses.

But this page is not merely a collection of stories. It is a refuge
of shared experiences, where you will find solace in the knowledge that you are not alone. Each testimonial is a reminder that no matter how dire your circumstances may seem, there is always a path to healing, and Primal Trust can help guide you toward it.

Expert Testimonials

“I specialize in treating unusually sensitive patients. Most of them have become sensitive because of their exposure to
mold or Lyme or EMFs and I have been referring many of them for the Primal TrustTM program because of its efficacy in helping those patients to heal.”
Dr. Neil Nathan, MD
Expert in Mold Illness, Author of “Toxic, Heal Your Body” and
“The Sensitive Patients Healing Guide”
“Primal TrustTM is a comprehensive limbic retraining program that has helped thousands of our Mast Cell 360's clients and community members. The emphasis on trauma informed and somatic approaches has been instrumental for so many, including myself. The results I've seen make Primal TrustTM a phenomenal value for those recovering their health.”
Beth O’Hara
FN Founder Mast Cell 360
“So many people that I see in my telehealth functional medicine clinic have a dysregulated nervous system. Not only is this a result of many chronic health problems, it can continue to perpetuate symptoms if left unaddressed. I always recommend Primal TrustTM to my patients because they truly understand how to heal the nervous system and my patients always rave about how much better they feel after utilizing their tools.”
Dr. Will Cole
leading functional medicine expert, IFMCP, DNM, DC, and author of Ketotarian,
The Inflammation Spectrum, NYT-bestseller, Intuitive Fasting, and Gut Feelings
“Dr. Cathleen King DPT is one of those rare gems who is at the forefront of transforming human healthcare as we know it. Having been humbled herself through decades of debilitating chronic illness, she has developed true human kindness, where Compassion runs deep into her core… In my opinion, this IS the prerequisite required to wield True Power; the kind of power that has the ability to transcend fear and rewrite human history. Her teachings are truly profound and her prolific body of work is not only forging new paths of thinking, but it is healing and awakening the Leaders of tomorrow!”
Dr. John Bergman, DC
“Primal TrustTM helps my protocols stick. The clients get more out of all programs and protocols when their nervous system is regulated and Dr. Cat is living proof of that.” 
Dr. Jess Peatross, MD
Founder of Wellness Plus
Even though we say in common parlance, ‘the body tends to heal itself,’ it doesn’t do this particularly well when its locked in a chronic stress physiology that’s running on autopilot. Dr. Cathleen King and her Primal TrustTM organization provide some of the best tools in the business for limbic system regulation, for getting out of this state, using both top-down and bottom-up approaches. She is bringing hope and healing to thousands of chronically ill individuals, and I wish this body of knowledge were being taught at every medical school.
Dr. Eric B. Robins, MD
Urologist and Mind-Body Healing Expert
Primal TrustTM is my go to program for nervous work because it’s the one that all my patients thank me for sending them to!
Dr. Jaban. Moore, DC
Primal TrustTM RegulateTM is powerful and comprehensive framework for nervous system regulation and trauma recovery. As a somatic therapist myself, I went through this program to understand how it could best support my clients and I can now fully recommend it to my clients without hesitation. Well done Dr. Cat and Primal TrustTM team 🙂
Alex Greene
Owner of Red Beard Somatic Therapy
It can be hard for many of my chronic pain patients to feel safe in their own bodies, and they are often stuck in a fight or flight response. I have seen firsthand how the Primal TrustTM program, by teaching methods that signal safety to the body, allow cells can move out the protection mode, discharge chronic inflammation and heal. The opportunity to feel well enough to do the things we love is priceless.
Melissa Congdon MD, FAAP
Fibromyalgia Specialist for Children and Adults
The Primal TrustTM Academy is an invaluable resource to support patient care (and myself) in the complex healing journey of nervous system regulation that has become epidemic in our current culture. I am so grateful to have the Regulate Program as a cornerstone for certain patients that are looking to overcome a myriad of symptoms and limitations and thrive with a more integrated mind, heart and body.
The RegulateTM program through Primal TrustTM is the most comprehensive, experiential and supportive tool kits available to support people with a wide array of mysterious symptoms/ illnesses that are rooted in nervous system dysregulation. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapist with 22 years experience in a holistic approach to patient care and lifestyle medicine. As a sensitive person with autoimmune challenges, I also have been on my own healing path for several decades. Diving into this well curated compilation of brain retraining and somatics practices is so affirming of the potency of this work. I have also gotten excellent feedback from a handful of my patients who have joined the program in the last month.
The depth of science mixed with tangible practices, online classes, forums, and the wealth of built-in support for this program is so rich. The value of the monthly membership is very accessible and lays a beautiful groundwork for the in-person care I provide. I am deeply inspired and grateful for the Primal TrustTM team and I look forward to personally delving into Level 2 soon.
Dr. Holly Hamilton, DPT, LMT
Owner of Healing Pathway in White Salmon WA

Testimonials from Our Members

Explore the genuine experiences of our members and discover how Primal TrustTM has made a positive impact on their lives.


Marla Hall

Avoided 80% Surgical Removal of Colon by Learning How to Regulate Her Nervous System!

I’m finding my true me again and it brings me to tears. My illness is not my identity, my pain is not my identity. I’m healing, learning, calming down, finding safety, laughing again, eating again, finding inner peace. As I‘m resolving and dissolving resistance patterns and coming into trust, my symptoms are dissipating. I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Cat starting this program. THIS IS TRUE HEALING!

Healed from: Colonic Inertia, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Epstein-Barr, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Insomnia, Brain Fog, and Depression

Recovery From a Lifetime of Symptoms!

Every so often I meet someone who has mold illness or an autoimmune diagnosis. When they ask me what I’ve done to deal with these things, I basically tell them: I tried 1,000 things that each helped a little bit, but then my symptoms came back or new ones appeared. Then I found Primal Trust, and now I just keep getting better and better – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It feels like a miracle – at the age of 46 to actually be feeling this way in my body for the first time ever. I cannot thank you enough.

Healed from: Lifelong c-PTSD, Mold Toxicity, Chronic Fatigue, SIBO, CIRS, POTS, Anxiety, Food Intolerances, Cognitive Issues, Addictions (work and food)


Candace Moss


Kelly Barber

100% Healed from Chronic Pain!

Physically, when I started this program I couldn’t walk or stand for more than maybe 10 seconds at a time. I am 100% physically healed now and on the most beautiful path that I will continue on for the rest of my life.

Healed from: Chronic, Severe Back and Leg Pain

Reversed over 30+ Symptoms within 4 Months with Brain Retraining and Nervous System Regulation!

I am a different person! After just a handful of months of Primal Trust, not only have I healed and sent “my” autoimmune condition (Hashimoto’s) into remission (no more symptoms or antibodies), but I am also hugely resilient, happy 95% of the time, and no longer drown in trauma reactions from cPTSD.

Healed from: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Insulin Resistance, cPTSD, Chronic Fatigue, Leaky Gut, Chronic EBV, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Chronic Back/Neck Pain, Brain Fog, Insomnia, Procrastination, Perfectionism


Catherine Hyza


Tess Leander

Totally Symptom Free! CFS, Mold, Lyme, Dysautonomia and more!

I would say 3-6 months after completing Regulate, and definitely by the time I completed your Level 2 program… and I can’t believe I get to be a person that says this but my physical symptoms are totally resolved! It’s amazing to me.

Healed from: CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Mold Issues, Lyme disease, Anxiety, Depression, cPTSD and Dysautonomia

Resolving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The Regulate program is the most comprehensive, well-organized and complete program for nervous system dysregulation and brain retraining I’ve encountered. The additional support of the community, the level of engagement and opportunities for growth within it is unparalleled to what I’ve experienced. I start to feel like I am transforming now, going beyond healing symptoms; it’s almost as if that has become secondary to me. I find my ability to self-regulate has grown immensely and I no longer use the tools to push the wounds away or cover them up: it is starting to become my way of being.

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Healed from: MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), Depression, Anxiety


Jonatan Bogren


Neal Cotter

Finding Freedom From Debilitating Fatigue

I used to attempt things like walks or other activities and if I got symptoms, I would assume that I did something wrong and that the attempt I had made was a failure. Since learning the tools of Regulate, I have started to think of these attempts as successes either way – either I don’t get symptoms, which is great, or I do get them, which is to be expected because my body is used to responding that way and I’m in the process of teaching it something different. As a result, I have been able to take daily walks that are half a mile long instead of just going to the end of the block. I’m hoping to use this new mindset to keep going even further. I have also incorporated the 5 Tibetan Rites into my routine as well as the TRE practice, and it’s nice to feel like I’m getting some basic level of physical exercise even if I can’t work out like I used to right now.

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Healed from: M.E/CFS, POTS, Long Covid

From 30% to 60% Functionality in Under 2 Months!

I am truly grateful for this program. After a lifetime of living in fear and with anxiety, I now feel a sense of calm. I had lot of tools thrown at me over the years but this is the fi rst program to really tie it all together for me. My mind is no longer racing, my symptoms don’t rule my days, I am not looking for the reason behind the symptoms or what “I did” to cause them to happen. I am able to exercise daily and walk my dog 2+ miles a day. I recently started to drive again. The best improvement is being able to fully engage with my husband and step daughter and to enjoy family time together again.

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Healed from: Lyme, Mold Illness, CFS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Vaccine Illness


Lainie Glenn


Alyssa Shifre

When Detox and Supplements Aren’t the “Fix"

After struggling to heal from chronic Lyme, co-infections and mold toxicity for 3 years, I was recommended to “rewire and calm my nervous system” from a functional doctor of mine. I felt resistance at first because I wanted the easier fix – where I could take certain supplements or be on a detox protocol and be done… but little did I know, this is what would change my life completely.

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Healed from: POTS, Lyme, Long Haul Covid, Mold, CFS, MCAS, Sensitivity to Light/Sound/Smell

Healing is Possible, After 16 Years of CFS!

Primal Trust™ Level 1 has helped me to gain some of my life back when I had little hope left. After sixteen years of illness, and ten years of being housebound, I believed that I was intrinsically broken and couldn’t be healed after so many years. Like many others, I had tried everything under the sun to regain my health and life back. Having a young

Healed from: M.E./CFS


Sandra Shaw


Merete Graham

From Bedbound to Taking First Steps in 9 Years!

Primal Trust has been life changing to me. I’ve been bedridden and life-threateningly sick for many years. I was kept alive by intravenous nutrition in a dark room, completely bedridden. I have made improvements over a couple of years, but they’ve been slow and minor. With Regulate I’ve seen huge improvements. I feel more embodied and safe than I’ve ever felt before.

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Healed from: Severe M.E., POTS, MCAS, Allergies, PCOS, Anxiety, Panic Disorder

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Stories of Triumph from our Level 2 Program

This is my second time through the Primal Trust Academy and Community. The first time, I made remarkable improvements in my physical health and I feel much stronger and healthier with fewer physical pains/conditions/ailments. I have continued to maintain that level of health. Emotionally, I continue to have struggles. I am more aware of my parts, which has been incredibly helpful when I am triggered, but my inner Wounded Child, who often feels unworthy, unloved and not good enough, is taking longer to heal. That's okay though. This time through Level 1 and 2, I learned to have patience and trust. I am going to repeat the classes because I know how beneficial they are and because I know that my inner child just needs more time to process everything that I am (she is) learning. The program is a life-changer! I have learned so much about myself and have been able to apply it to my life WHILE getting support from this community. Without the support that the program offers, I would have been far less successful in all the gains I've made.
Laura Hunt
Doing Primal Trust reminded me of a message I got from the author Augusten Burroughs when I got sober from alcohol. I wrote to him telling him how his book “Dry” helped inspire me to take that step. Here is a piece of what he responded: “ You have to remember one thing: you are the author of your own life. Absolutely anything is possible. If you want it, you WILL get it. But you have to be very careful, you have to 'want' things that are good for you. We are owed nothing. Not even happiness, not even love. We are owed nothing. We need to find these things ourslves, bring them to us. And if we're broken, we need to fix ourselves. Which is exactly what you have done, are doing. And be proud that you are crushing the beast before it could crush you. It is a wonderful thing to be an alcoholic who no longer drinks. It's a rich, rich club and we have more substance than those who were never addicted to anything. Don't ever be ashamed to be an alcoholic. And think about how exciting it will be to...get to know who you really are. Because you are not the person you think. It takes a long time without alcohol for your full personality to bloom. You will be amazed. You will be your own present.” Getting sober wasn’t the end of my journey to self discovery, and honestly maybe nothing ever will be. I don’t think I want there to be an end. But Primal Trust has put me on the path to being my own present, and I am just so unbelievably blown away and grateful and filled up every day by the gifts of this program and what it has helped me realize about who I am.
Anna Caputo
Level 2 of Primal Trust is rich! It has helped me dive deeper and gain access to deeply suppressed parts in me, that has unlocked my life force energy. I’ve had multiple huge aha - experiences through journeying level 2, and I’ve seen massive progress both in my capacity and ability to hold myself and heal myself from the inside out. After 9 years bedridden I’ve been able to explore life outside these four walls, in my wheelchair in small trips in my local area here and there, which has felt like true freedom! And: I finally do believe it is possible for me to heal. Level 2 has felt like coming home. I’ve realized how my life purpose up until now was a trauma based life purpose, built on deep childhood trauma projecting into my life in this present moment. I am now unlearning all of that, burning that contract of my old trauma life purpose, and freeing up this space for my true aligned life purpose!
Merete Graham
I think this was amazing and Dr Cat is so relatable. It truly, truly changes lives. I have learned in this program that I have not held myself with any compassion throughout my life. I have now made it a priority to 'learn' how to do this as I have not had role models who have demonstrated this at all either. It is brought up often in the program that we need to offer it but not really discussed what it means, how to offer it to ourselves or I feel even offered to us as participants. Or at least that is my perception. I think when I was feeling so low, I would really have benefitted to hear that everything is going to be ok, before I could access that myself. That is just where I struggled. I thank you for making this program available. The call to me was so strong when I first heard a video of yours asking if we knew something was missing in our lives, if not really able to access ourselves - and you did not disappoint. You have shown me the reasons and the way and for that I am truly grateful.
Cf. E
Level two was a huge game changer for me, I loved level one and learning about calming the nervous system, cell danger and breath work and presencing and the different ways to do the ABC was really great in itself making it better than the previous rewiring program I tried. For me however I needed this deeper work, I needed to understand my super ego was running the show and to understand the different parts and how to have divine neutrality. Class 9 with the antidote of the heart was WOW! I was actually able to pinpoint my boulder standing in the way before I could land on my antidote fully. Thank you!!
Melissa Lay
The Level 2 Mentorship was amazing! As someone who spent their life pleasing others, it was like finally that deep hidden spark of ME was given the fuel it needed to become a flame and then a fire!
Tina Weibe
Thank you so much Dr Cat for this life changing Level 2 mentorship. I started this program with the intention to alleviate my symptoms and I'm now getting in touch with my true self, my core needs. I no longer want to go back to "who I was" before my symptoms appeared: I'm now embracing my true essence and that's the best feeling in the world. I've been homebound for 7 years, and I'm now making the changes to get my own place to create the life of my dreams, and I'm so excited about this and so grateful for all that you have taught me!
Charlotte Gomes
This is a second time around the level 2 program and the first time engaging in homework and a study group. There was so much self-awareness that came out of the program and it was a benefit to hear each lesson from a new perspective with different teachers to understand how common are our challenges and how individual the path through must be. I feel much more at ease with myself and hopeful that common distracting patterns do not need to be lifelong. There is work to be done and many tools to practice in the process.
Adrienne James
Primal Trust Level 2 is where the meat of the program is. It delves deep into those core unconscious patterns keeping us in states of resistance and constant nervous system distress. I have uncovered more about those patterns in a few short months, than I have in therapy. This program is essential.
Claudia Andrade
The Level 2 Mentorship is a great journey of self exploration and bringing unconscious patterns to consciousness. Awareness!! A deeper dive into patterns that have been running my life. Thus giving me new perspectives and new choices for improving my life to make better life choices. Helping me further to be in a more regulated state.
Janet B
Primal trust changed a lot of things in my life, since i started the program i was able to do more social activities and physical activities, and i succeded to graduate this year. I am more in touch with myself and most important i allow myself to feel all my emotions without needing to think about it as bad or good.
Giulia Vulcano
I am putting my own self and my health and wellness first. I choose self nurturing activities every day that honour myself no matter how I am feeling. A favourite tea, some yoga, an audiobook, yoga nidra, a walk outside or sit out in the sun, talk to a friend, journal, dance, meditate, a HIIT. I lean into my needs A LOT more now and check in with myself to see what I really WANT to do and what my body needs this day/moment. I also check in with my breath and notice when I am holding and breathe with intention. This is an amazing program and I loved being a part of it.
Melissa Bell
Level two was the program I didn’t know I needed! I was deep in a hole if not knowing who I was or what I valued and this mentorship had moved me along on my journey and given me trust to grow!
Lisa Dominy
I am so grateful for finding Primal Trust. I achieved so much during this 10 months. I grow now with an open heart and more compassion for myself and others. I found the tools so helpful from Level 1 and Level 2 was just catalyst of all my emotions. With love and greatfulness Vanya
Vanya Velidolska
Primal Trust has been such a gift, this really did change from 'getting better' to putting me on a new and better path in life. I feel in tune with myself and my needs, my wins have been huge. I'm a new me, I know myself now and I am more myself than I have ever been. I consider myself regulated now, and I can self-regulate. And also I am functioning what I'd consider normal baseline activity there's still a few things I am working on expanding into like going to music events and growing my capacity for more strenuous exercise. And going back to work, which I will start the process of in October. I've often thought to myself Primal Trust is also 'how to be a human' lessons and learnings all of us should have to equip us to deal with the emotions and obstacles that are inevitable in life, aka being human. I know that I am on the path now, and that it's inevitable i will be 110% by the end as my expansion contunes. In many ways in fact I am better off and happier with my life than I have ever have been even though i'm not quite 'fully recovered'.
Kirsti Tenniswood
When I started Primal Trust in December of 2022, I was a shell of myself. There were days I could not leave my apartment due to how dysregulated my nervous system was. Part 1 certainly helped me tremendously and I was able to begin on Level 2 while on medical leave from work. Level 2 further supported how I started to reframe how I speak to and care for myself and how to re-enter the world in a higher vibration. I am now back to work, have minimal dysregulation in public places, and have gotten much of my life back. Those days of being paralyzed in my dysregulation are gone. I now know have tools I can use when I hit a rough patch and a community to support me.
Megan Dirks
I can handle better Being in my body, feeling the feelings, seeing what needs there are, let the story go. Having compassion with others, honor where they are in their process. More selflove, more understanding for myself. It was a wonderful helpful process and I am looking forward to do it again. Thank you so much.
Jac. M
My sons are both Rally Cross drivers. I go to watch them race and never before was interested in sitting in the passenger seat during a race. This past weekend I was at a race and and rode in the passenger seat the whole time. It was exhilarating!!! I feel like I can do anything now.
Stacy Duval
Level 2 really helped me take a deeper dive into self-discovery and open my eyes to the patterns and resistance that have been keeping me safe and in control but in a divided mind state, not living the life that I want to live. I didn't realize I had gotten so far off my path. There was so much great information that I'm going to dive into the material again with a new awareness and perspective. I appreciate this program so much and it's been much better than therapy and much more affordable.
Kristen Race
I have loved every minute of the Primal Trust experience. This September is one year of working the program. The safety I have regained in my nervous system cannot be explained, only felt. I fully live a life of going inward for reassurance and safety vs external validation. I still have work to do but I find myself excited for the growth to come and the new ways I approach life now. Further, I have loved the teachers and the classes they have taught. At moments it felt like they were talking straight to me and divinely timed with what I was needing help on. The Universe works in magical ways! My time with the 1:1 mentors has also been profound. They hold such a safe space to be vulnerable. I have had tremendous break throughs in my sessions. I cannot wait for Level 3! THANK YOU!!!
Lauren Wright
PrimalTrust has been fundamental on my healing journey. Especially level 2 changed my personality and life. I have not experienced this much love, self-compassion, trust and confidence in myself and life for... years or maybe forever. I am coming out a changed person with an emotionally mature and resilient nervous system. And I am really liking the person I have become more and more every day. I combined PrimalTrust with EMDR therapy to resolve deep routed trauma and I created some individual elements like my morning alignment practice to implement who I now am on an everyday level. I love the depth of teachings, the step by step guidance, the community, study groups and buddy rounds. All of this contributed puzzle pieces to my own healing and I am proud to say, that YES I am fully healed and symptom-free.
Catherine Fritz
It's incredibly helpful to dig deeper and find what's driving the things you struggle with, instead of exercises for the nervous system alone. I had come to some realizations about the past and had come to love and accept myself a bit on my own, but this takes it much deeper. Discovering the parts and their needs was a game changer.
Mary Bullock
I love how this mentorship makes one really dig deep into the psyche. It’s hard work and brings up things we don’t always want to see or accept but it is the work that needs to be done to find inner peace.
Linda Cohen
It has expanded my knowledge amd I have a much deeper understanding and appriciating of myself
Pialiv Jensen
The level 2 mentorship really opened my eyes on my boulders. I had felt stuck for quite sometime but I wasn't aware of the root cause and this helped me getting back to being myself, doing what I like on a regular basis.
Aline Robin
Despite strong resistance to completing the Level 2 Mentorship, I was able to complete it and did gain insights and learned concepts that helped me along my journey. I feel like I would like to repeat it, but would also like to start Level 3. I will begin Level 3 and, if my inner voice tells me to go back to Level 2, I will do so. I feel like it takes me a little bit longer to grasp some of these concepts but I am ok with that.
Fiona Martini
Very eye opening. I loved it. I found it quite overwhelming as well. It's a lot of information to absorb and to also put into practice.
Cheryl LeValley
Primal Trust has been such a needed inward journey for me with outstanding results. I suffered from anxiety and complex PTSD most of my life and in 2022 my nervous system shutdown and I became unwell. I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Nothing made sense and it was through trying to understand that led me to Primal Trust. I was never fully aware of the disregulation or core underlying childhood trauma that I was dealing with. Navigating and processIng my emotions and nervous system has created a better relationship with myself and in my marriage. This journey is literally one of the best things I have ever done.
Caterina Salvatori
Study group, ABCs, Attunements, DDS, Pattern Interrupt, one of THE best things that has helped me during very anxious states is bringing certainty to my brain in the smallest ways (I think Dr Cat calls it the step by step) … for example, I say to myself “I am going to stand up from my desk” and then I stand up, and then I say “I am going to walk slowly to the stairs” and then I walk slowly to the stairs, and then I say “I am going to grab the handrail” and then I grab the handrail and so on. It really really helps as our brain needs something certain during these anxiety states and this is how it happens … by naming what I am going to do, and then doing it. Level Two has been harder for me to dive deeper as it happened during summer when both of my kids have been home (activities, vacations, driving around, etc) - my hope is to go deeper during repeating both Level 1 and 2
Catherine Lucey
I'm blown away by how much support and information is provided through this program. And just when i'm losing motivation, or feeling lost, I listen to the next class and Dr Cat explains something that seems to speak to the exact part of me that needed to hear it... reassurance, validation and insipration at every step
Laura Seward
Primal Trust has offered me what no other program can or would. Healing from deep childhood trauma is much different than a brain retraining program. It is geared to trauma AND illness and there’s no spiritual bypass on this work. Dr. Cat knows that and it’s evident. We have to sit with a lot that’s not easy but it’s possible and we’re so worth it.
Meghan McCleary
The Level 2 Mentorship was a game changer for me. It truly is all about judgement and fear, and when I had the tools to strengthen my adult main personality, meet and unburden my parts, the fear and other symptoms started to fall away. I now have more energy, joy, and calm. I have started to see patients in my medical practice again after a 14 month break due to severe symptoms. I am so grateful!
Melissa Congdon
This is my 2nd time through PT, and I've also worked with a coach for the last 2 years (since starting brain training). I'm so grateful for level 2 for taking retraining way beyond the basics. Had it not been for understanding how all these boulders develop and affect us, I would not be where I am today. I am well on my way to healing my physical conditions, but I will continue in all these teachings as they are what is really helping my body feel safe, connected, and full of joy. I have so much compassion now for my body/brain for how it's tried to protect me all these years, and that allows me to have more patience while I continue to show it that I'm ok.
Nancy Nemiroff
Level 2 is life changing. I feel like I am becoming the person I was meant to be under all the protective mechanisms. I have gained a deep understanding of the body mind connection and feel empowered to start living again despite symptoms.
Venessa Leith
I'm very grateful for the powerful range of tools provided in the Level 2 Mentorship program. They have helped me to free myself from deep cumbersome conditioning, inner conflicts and coping mechanisms that were often previously hidden in my subconscious and were creating the challenging physical symptoms in my body.
Cheryl Snyder
This is my second round of Level 2. Because I so loved Dr Cat teaching in the comprehensive series (her approach is what landed me here in Primal Trust after all), I wasn’t sure I would love having new faces teach the classes. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually loved the addition of these PT graduates as teachers! The entire course was very well crafted, and I appreciate all of the instructors and what they brought to their class. Thank you Dr Cat, for following your inner guidance and bringing this into the world! I am looking forward to Level 3 🙂
Vera Mosley
I am overly thankful for this programme, which helped me to get back into my primal trust and allowed me to participate in and enjoy life again. Yes, it really is "that easy", but it is also a process and a journey, that is wonderfully guided by Cathleen King.
Tanja Adolph
Here's what I sense is going on with me! The fact that I seem to have gone "backward" or "worsened" is not an indicator of a failure of the course material... I believe it is proof OF THE VALUE of the course material. I have become exposed to Parts of myself and false truths etc. etc. etc., and while I have only dabbled with them and the many practices without having gone deep with them YET, I sense that the revelations have me face-to-face with all that's involved with my ITS and and and... and now I am ripened to really do the work of healing. I am exhausted from the process... but in a healing way. It is like I am very near that ultimate surrender where the student is TRULY ready to do the learning [that is necessary]! And so... I look worse "on paper" in this report form... but I am significantly further on the path of healing. And such is the twisted yet true nature of this work.
Mary-Beth Moze
I entered the Primal Trust program specifically to get to Level 2 because I have such strongly developed parts and generational trauma to work through. This program is comprehensive and nurturing without creating codependency. It puts the onus of responsibility for healing on oneself which is exactly the conclusion I had come to prior to entering. I have received so much more than I ever expected and am grateful to be a part of this community.
Carola Caldwell
I have come to have more awareness of my patterns and my inner wounding. I have grown in ways that I feel grateful for and I am so thankful that level 2 allowed me to see myself more clearly so that I can do more of the inner work with compassion.
Shenikka Moore
Level Two has kept me on a steady path through many life changes. I'd be lost without my Structure Sheet and the tools!
Jan Field
Level 2 is supplying me with the "why" of who and how I truly am. I'm looking at things beneath the service and although it's uncomfortable I'm learning so much that will allow my body to heal.
Kelly Clark
Level 2 prompted me to challenge my limiting beliefs and provided me with real, applicable tools to follow through with changing my beliefs and behaviors.
Lauren Moser
There is so much generic, cliche advice out there about living a good, meaningful life - "Do what makes you happy!", "Follow your passion!", "Love yourself!", "Work hard!", "Keep showing up!", "Take care of yourself!", "Take care of your family!", "Live in service to others!", "Don't worthy what others thinks!" - but most, if not all, of this kind of advice is completely vacuous precisely because it is so general. Primal Trust is the first comprehensive toolkit and roadmap I've come across that actually replaces these generics with specifics so you can guide yourself to the life you want to create.
John McConn
After going through Level 2 for the first time, I believe it is so vital for anyone who has tried hard to get better physically but almost experienced no or little shift. The inner work offered in Level 2 was crucial and helpful in my healing journey. Thanks a lot
Venusrowshan Rowshan
Level 2 was a bit more abstract than Level 1 and I think it's going to take some time to wrap my head around all of the concepts. But I really appreciate the way it's moving me in a direction of finding ways to live now and incrementally build towards my values.
Neal Cotter
After going through Level 2 for the first time, I believe it is so vital for anyone who has tried hard to get better physically but almost experienced no or little shift. The inner work offered in Level 2 was crucial and helpful in my healing journey. Thanks a lot
Venusrowshan Rowshan
This has been a journey and a real eye opener for me. It has completely changed my life and how I see myself. I can now meet myself where I am at. I now have the capacity to meet myself with compassion, self love, warmth and understanding. I am SO grateful for this course and this knowledge. I feel very dedicated and now, with the right tools, I believe I can change my life to actually live the life I am longing for.
Frida Norman
Level 2 surpassed my expectations. What i've been given is a process to continue to deepen my relationship with myself. I've gained a new profound respect and care for my body and my life. I will be reviewing level one and two over the next year as I continue my journey into level three. Level two contains a blueprint for learning to regulate at a deeper level with parts of myself that have been waiting for me to return. Combined with tools from level one, I feel prepared to continue to retrain toward 100% freedom. Thank You!
Kris McDaniel
Primal trust has been life changing for me after years of therapy. Thank you I'm so grateful
Alessandra Salituri
Primal Trust helped me to finally "arrive" in my body and my life. Yes! I just finished Level 2. Thanks to level 1 I was able to be calm and open enough to receive the information in level 2. This level does not only give you tools for moving through illness, it gives you tools for life. It is so comprehensive and makes you meet yourself in a powerful and safe way. Ohh..and the illness (CFS for 7+ years) ... I definitely notice positive changes after 7 months of Primal Trust: I have more physical and cognitive energy, haven't felt PEM (post malaise) in 2.5 months after 3 years of feeling that almost every day, I wake up feeling ok instead of drained, I'm walking and driving again, meeting friends,... It's a slow process for me and I still have symptoms, but I feel so happy and safe in my body 🙂
Judith De Waele
-Level 2 brought up a lot of deep shit for me! -I will be continuing to work through lots of programming, generational patterns and conditioning. -I have done (DNRS 2018, Gupta 2021) and been in PT since June 2022, and some of the PT material is just really clicking and making sense now. I didn't even start somatics until 4 weeks ago because my body just wasn't ready. The saying 'you can only go as fast as your nervous system want you to go' could not be truer!
Stephanie Ruggie
Level 2 has been a fascinating and profound experience for me. Both in terms of self-discovery and compassion. It's also helped me to better understand how trauma affects others, thus making forgiveness and understanding much easier. It's an emotional toolset I wouldn't want to be without.
Jeana Laurie
I went from Insomnia, depression and anxiety to sleeping great, slowly starting to exercise and being able to be with my body and sensations. Sensations also improved.
Level 2 was so helpful in discovering the underpinnings of my symptoms and patterns, feeling more confident and capable in myself, and learning how to work with my parts and meet them with love, support and compassion.
Allie Gold
Among other things, I came with severe CFS symptoms and wanted to have more energy again. I'm over the moon that I learned all the tools on how to calm my nervous system. It gives me peace of mind to know that I am equipped with tools to help me. Dr. Cat has helped me so much, I am infinitely grateful. I love learning new things and I learned so many new things from her. This will serve me for the rest of my life. And also my children.
Julia Dörr
I am learning a lot and enjoying the program. However, I realize that this will be a journey and will require more time for me to get to a better place.
Michele Diamond
I feel much more in my unified mind now that I have a developed adult main personality. I know I can face difficult things, all things. I feel like someone is in charge of my life for it's good the way I've always wanted - and that someone is me.
Jonnell Burke
I've appreciated the new information and perspective I've gained through Level 2. While it will take time for me to fully process and integrate what I've learned, I feel like the classes and workbooks have given me a solid foundation in which to go forward. I'm excited to see where it takes me.
Paula Van Enkevort
I am one of the ones who have been in the healing journey for the long haul-first with another program, then with my own research, and now with Primal Trust. This March will be 6 years of rewiring. However, it has been such a gratifying and illuminating process, and watching myself get more and more of my life back, to the point where I now am living a full life, has been incredible. Level 2 helped bring me to the next level of healing. It gave me structure to use tools that I knew about but not quite sure how to apply, while also giving me entirely new tools and perspectives on life that have allowed me to take the next steps in healing-the steps that I was not and could not have done with visualizations and brain retraining alone. It was an answer to prayers and a truly satisfying and fulfilling gift to be able to heal areas of my life that I had once felt were "unhealable." I'm still on the journey, but so grateful for how far I've come. Embodying the way of living that Primal Trust teaches has physically, emotionally, and mentally healed areas of my life that I didn't even know were impacting me. Thank you!
Katrina Oswald
I've been brain retraining for almost two years. I began with DNRS and then hit a wall in my development and healing. That's when I stepped into Primal Trust and I'm SO glad I did. Dr. Cat delivers high-level concepts in a clear and accessible way. I love this program because it empowers people to discover who they truly are, which is exactly the kind of energy we all need to be running if we're going to support each other and this beautiful planet. Thank you!
Melanie Robins
Primal Trust program enlightened my rewiring journey through life. It is built in such a smooth and structured way that it makes the task easier to be implemented.
Ralph Rahme
I find this work very effective because it acknowledged my physical symptoms while rewiring negative brain patterns.
Alison Leahy
This is my first time taking this, so I feel like I barely scratched the surface. It has cleared up some of the clutter in my mind and I’m looking forward to keeping on with the practices to see what else comes up.
Crystal Wiggers
Some more, some less.....but all in all this mentorship has been an amazing help on my journey to my true self, inner peace and health.
Maren S
I had gotten so far with brain retraining but could see my judgements, old patterns replaying and had a lot of emotional boulders which I was struggling to shift. It has been so helpful in untangling the ball of yarn and encouraging me to choose what works for me. Giving myself choice and showing myself self compassion have been big pieces of the puzzle for me. I now have a much clearer path of what has been holding me back. So very grateful for the journey of primal trust. Thank you Dr Cat and your team for sharing your wisdom, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, compassion and genuine love for this community. It is absolutely what sets your course apart from any other out there.
Julie Browning
Thank you for this brain retraining program. It helps you feel apart of a loving community when you're out of the real world and it helps and guides you towards one ness and wholeness of yourself with diving deep about who we are and what our purpose is on this earth. Thank you primal trust
Tiffany Mann
The Level 2 Mentorship was a very deep and profound experience. Even though I have done a good amount of self-work over the years, and my adult main personality is more online than it was years ago, the mentorship opened my eyes to parts of myself that were hidden and scared to be seen. It also allowed me to adopt a value-driven life, which I now embrace! I am leading with the heart more every day <3
Noa Kairy
I really loved it, although my symptoms are really very life-consuming and overwhelming. Some tools are hard to apply because of the constant symptoms (i have severe chronic embedded UTI with actual high bacterial load + severe insomnia +chonic EBV + tons of other symptoms) and my situation feels so hopeless that sometimes i felt like gaslighting myself. But overall it brought me many interesting tools that are interesting to combine with also a medical protocol for the chronic UTI's.
Inès Jadouille
Primal Trust level 2 is so good. So many helpful tools to find myself again. I have learned so much and I loved every class. Getting glimpses of my true self has been so motivating. I have started living my life and stopped chasing symptoms. It has been life changing. I have my life and my self coming back online. This program is wonderful and Dr Cat is such a good teacher and I felt like she was truly on this journey with me.
Jennifer Owen
This program is life changing. I still have some issues I’m working on but it’s not the programs fault. It’s me, being stubborn and holding onto certain parts. But overall I feel pretty good most days and my life feels much more full filling and joyful! When I have more flares it’s when I’m slacking in my program tools and self care. So it definitely works if you work it!
Darianne Shepherd
I am a growth-minded individual so it was great to be in a program that gives you great tools and to be in a group where other people are wanting to grow and become the best version of themselves. I also loved that the program gave me tools to help me to know myself at a better and deeper level.
Tina Kirkpatrick
The Level 2 Mentorship has provided a lot of much-needed food for thought about resistance and how to deal with and overcome the boulders in our lives.
Brenda Krigg
Regulate is a great foundation and start. For myself, Level 2 really helped me more to understand myself and to dig deeper, it was what I needed to be honest to myself and the exercises and homework really helped me.
Kelly Sapp
Level 2 has led me from isolation to : I am valiant, creative and wise. I create a sparkling life of freedom, choice and light. I am currently doing Level 2 over with my study group and will also begin level 3.
Kathleen Harty
I definitely love all of Dr. Cat's material. To me, it is the most comprehensive and complete program out there.
Jill White
I am so thankful to have been able to go through the Mentorship. I have learned a great deal about myself from living my values to digging deeper into what has been holding me back. Every module builds on the prior one in such a thoughtful way and leads you to reflect, accept and love your true self. My antidote is: I love living my life in the present being my true self! Thank you for this awareness! I want my children who are in their early 20's to go through it!!
Lisa Edge
Level 2 helped me integrate all the knowledge I received with Regulate but more so, to truly see the fear response i had for so long and recognize that inner parts. I became aware of wounds i have had my entire life and be able to have deep compassion for myself, allow to be honest and finally start being vulnerable. Level 2 helped me finally see that my root cause was lack of self love and inner trust. Level 2 changed the way i see life because I understand why i am who i am now. I will continue this beautiful transformation path and I will forever be grateful for Primal Trust.
Sabrina Frazese
I'm assuming I'm in the liminal space. There's so much I still can't connect with or remember despite transcribing every class, but I KNOW this work is something I need to continue with. There has been decades of trauma, fawning, freezing to the point I don't even know what my goals are, so that will be a day to day work.
Chris Roseneu

What are the benefits of Primal TrustTM?​

Top 3 results that are most notable:

The Low Functionality Cohort improved by
87% within 3 months

All participants who practised for 6
months improved by an average of 60%

Lyme sufferers improved by an average of 51%
in just 3 months! (Chronic fatigue and long haul Covid was 40%, and Mold illness was 35%, etc)


Here at Primal TrustTM we recently carried out a survey on our newest Level 1:

Regulate program, our introductory and comprehensive nervous system regulation course.
We surveyed our members, to not only enhance the program from their feedback, by assessing quality, effectiveness and results for members, but also, so we can share with you the benefits of our program.

We asked course participants to self-rate their functionality both before and immediately after completing the Regulate course, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest level of functionality and 10 is full health.


The biggest improvements for those who need it the most

Obviously those with the most to gain are those whose functionality is the lowest, and here we found even more significant gains with the low functionality group (33% or lower self-rated entry functionality) improving by 87%, and the very low functionality group (25% or lower) improving by 115%.


The longer time you spend practicing, the more cumulative
benefit you receive

We fully expect another three, 6 and 12 months of practice of the Regulate principles and tools to help people make the real gains. And our confidence is backed up by data where Primal TrustTM members who took 6 months to complete Regulate made better than twice as much progress as those taking 2 months.

Read More


Other highlights

Other highlights were that respondents who reported increased functional capacity by an average of 51%; those reporting Long Covid or CFS symptoms improved by an average of 40%. Anxiety and Mold sufferers reported improvement of 35%. Again all of these improvements were achieved in an average of just 3.5 months, and this time included the actual learning and practice of the Regulating tools.