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I work with people who want to change their habits, their health, and their general life situation. Of all the advice and practices I give to others, I find that the most powerful practice to change your life is to commit to a morning routine to align the mind, body, and spirit and start the day off by being in a whole brain state.

What do I mean by being in a whole brain state? It means that you have ignited neuropathways in all hemispheres of your brain to communicate more optimally. This allows you to think more clearly and have better problem solving skills, more energy, enhanced creativity, improved coordination and physical performance, and reduced stress.

Ancient practices of yoga and meditation in the early morning have this same effect on the brain by engaging in movement followed by mindful awareness.

The specific routine is less important than the consistency of doing the routine, so start with something that is easy to follow through on. I often customize my clients routines to suit their specific interests and lifestyle so that success in follow through is optimized.

Another trick for consistency is to have a morning reminder. My reminder was a song that my phone played as an alarm clock that inspired me stretch slowly and actually warm me up to get out of bed.

A few tips:

Start with a simple morning routine.

Do the most important thing first.

Slowly add to it. If it becomes overwhelming or you start skipping parts you are doing too much for your routine.

I usually have my clients do a brain rewiring visual, a simple somatic movement practice, and a basic energy medicine alignment practice to start their day. This can take anywhere from 15min to an hour depending on the client.

Lastly I want to emphasize the most important part of what happens when you do a morning routine. You are showing yourself that you are committed to “showing up” for yourself. This creates an internal sense of self trust which is foundational for developing true self esteem and self love.

What’s your favorite way to start your day? I’d love to hear from you!

Cathleen King, DPT

I'm an expert on chronic illness, chronic trauma, relationship/attachment repair, and inner child healing. I’ve got the rare combination of in-depth doctoral-level education and training as a physical therapist, and many years of coaching others in wellness and lifestyle education. And, I have been through my own heroine’s journey of spending nearly 2 decades of my life navigating through deep, debilitating illness and finally found my way out!

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