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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects countless individuals, causing distressing intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors. It’s a exhaustive loop of anxiety with a deep root of fear, and oftentimes shame. However, recent breakthroughs in neuroscience have illuminated the brain’s astonishing capacity for change and adaptation, including the ability to transform OCD and many other anxiety related conditions. Through neuroplasticity, we can consciously rewire our brains and regulate our biology, paving the way for a life free from obsessive compulsions.

Understanding Neuroplasticity and OCD:

Neuroplasticity, also known as brain retraining or brain rewiring, refers to the brain’s ability to reorganize its structure and function in response to learning and experience. That sounds fancy but it’s thankfully very simple to implement, and just requires a little time and dedication. Essentially, you can teach an OCD brain new tricks. The ability for the brain to rewire itself has profound implications for individuals with OCD, as OCD is closely linked to impairments in the limbic system, which is the part of the brain involved in emotional regulation and decision-making.

But by consciously engaging in specific brain retraining techniques, we have the power to create new neural pathways and modify existing ones. Yes, you hold the power to do this! This rewiring process has the potential to transform our thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses. Say hello to calm and goodbye to painful rumination that’s ruining your life…

Welcome to Primal Trust™. Rewire Your Brain, Regulate Your Biology:

At Primal Trust™, we have developed an online platform designed to empower individuals to gently and consciously rewire their brains and regulate their biology through self-directed neuroplasticity. By targeting the limbic system and the autonomic nervous system, our brain rewiring program offers a path towards finding freedom from various chronic conditions, including OCD, anxiety, and DPDR.

People with OCD often comment that they find many other brain retraining programs too difficult to implement, because the tools themselves trigger OCD. So what’s the answer? Here are our 3 Key Ways to Master Neuroplasticity for OCD:

1 – Shift Perspectives:

To fully benefit from brain retraining practices and Primal Trust™’s programs, we need to take a look at the underlying motivations behind our actions. If we approach rewiring our brain with the intention of fixing ourselves or eliminating symptoms, we may inadvertently perpetuate the cycle of obsession: and that’s exactly what we don’t need! Instead, we encourage a shift towards a mindset of discovery, adventure, self-realization, and conscious expansion—a genuine love for the transformative experience itself.

2 – Embrace Anxiety as the Pathway to Self-Healing:

Anxiety, often viewed as the enemy, plays a crucial role in the OCD experience. The loops and behaviors associated with OCD are actually attempts to avoid feelings, such as inherent shame, fear, and a sense of “not-okayness.” Recognizing that anxiety is not something to be feared but rather a gateway to liberation is a pivotal realization. By cultivating inner trust, embracing our Adult Main Personality (A Primal Trust™ Level 2 concept), and choosing to engage in practices regardless of anxiety, we begin to break free from the grip of OCD.

3 – Tap into Your True Essence:

Brain retraining and other nervous system regulation practices serve to liberate us from old programming and painful perspectives. Their purpose is to provide access to our true essence, enabling us to live a life aligned with our authentic selves.

It’s crucial to differentiate between fixing and discovering our essence—one is fear-driven, while the other is fueled by inspiration and a thirst for experiencing the fullness of who we are and what life has to offer.

Enter Regulate™: Emphasizing Conscious Awareness:

In our Primal Trust™ Level 1 program, Regulate™, we place a strong emphasis on conscious awareness. The tools and topics introduced in this program are grounded in the research of leading neuroplasticity experts. By wholeheartedly embracing these tools, you can effectively rewire your brain, improve nervous system regulation, and find relief from conditions such as OCD.

Join Primal Trust™ and Claim Your Freedom:

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards liberation from OCD?

Primal Trust™ offers a truly unique and transformative path. Our newly launching Experiential Journey Groups start in July 2023, led by Simona Irwin, one of our exceptional mentors who herself has found freedom from severe anxiety, C-PTSD, OCD, depression, and other challenges through limbic system retraining.

Simona will guide small cohorts through both Level 1 Regulate™ and Level 2 The Mentorship (for Level 1 graduates), giving the benefit of 1-1 mentor time but at a more affordable cost overall. These groups will be experiential, meaning that they will draw on the teachings of the material and make use of the tools in each session, with time for questions and also asking for volunteers to work 1-1 with. Find out about these Journey Groups here.

Your freedom awaits! Visit for more details and to sign up. Together, let us unlock the immense power of neuroplasticity and embrace a life of possibility, growth, and self-discovery.

Some OCD and Neuroplasticity Resources:

You can discover how neuroplasticity can help in managing OCD in the book, “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge. Chapter 6 delves into the fascinating concept of rewiring the brain and its impact on conditions like OCD. Dive into Dr. Doidge’s insightful research for a deeper understanding!

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz’s Work on OCD:

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz is a renowned researcher who has extensively studied OCD and the influence of conscious awareness on the brain’s neural patterning. His work highlights the power of using the mind to shape and rewire the brain, offering hope for individuals with OCD. By exploring his research, you can gain valuable insights into the potential of conscious awareness in transforming the neural patterns associated with OCD.

Dr. Schwartz’s books, such as “Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior” and “You Are Not Your Brain,” provide invaluable resources for those interested in learning more about his research and applying conscious awareness techniques in OCD management. These books offer practical strategies and steps to change unhealthy thinking patterns and take control of your life.

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