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The field of neuroplasticity and specifically brain rewiring has gained much attention in the medical and healing world. That is because brain rewiring is a powerful method of regulating and healing the nervous system. The miraculous stories of healing from all sorts of disease and emotional patterns using the science of brain retraining is endless.
Basic brain retraining can be done at home with a program focused on regulating the “lower mind” (overactive emotional/limbic system response) and strengthening neurological access to your “higher mind” (prefrontal cortex). Brain retraining focuses on changing memory associations which result in rewiring the brain.

Two Types Of Brain Retraining: Conscious and SuperConscious

There are two types of change: incremental change, which is often slow and takes more effort to maintain, and transformational change, which can happen in a moment and is effortless to maintain.
There are several basic brain retraining methods available that utilize the conscious mind to focus on creating incremental change. Methods such as DNRS, Gupta and Lightning Process are examples of basic brain retraining programs that all require a lot of time and repetition in order to rewire the memory based neuropathways. Although these methods ARE very effective for a lot of health issues, I have found them to have some limitations when working with issues not easily accessed by the conscious mind; deep trauma patterns, empath boundary issues, and sabotaging parts.
In the last year, I have discovered a new way of working with the brain. This new method, which focuses on connecting to the Higher Self (aka the SuperConscious) has been nothing short of transformational. I call this new brain retraining method a BRAIN RETRAINING ATTUNEMENT. Recently I learned that there are several leading brain rewiring trauma experts doing the same thing. They are having remarkable success with the most difficult brain based issues!
I have been inspired to deepen my understanding of the neuroscience behind this quantum technique. What I have learned is that we can actually connect with the Higher Self or SuperConscious Mind and instruct it to talk to the unconscious parts of the personality. The SuperConscious is vastly intelligent and powerful, and thus this advanced brain retraining method is much quicker and more effective at clearing subconscious patterns than methods that only utilize the Conscious Mind.

To Summarize, Brain Retraining has two main approaches:
1- Consciously directed (incremental)vs.2- SuperConsciously directed (transformational)
Simply put, a Brain Rewiring Attunement utilizes the connection with the Higher Superconscious Self and trains the brain to neutralize negative emotions embedded in unconscious memories that drive resistance patterns.
Because rewiring Attunements do not use your conscious mind, you do not have to know, remember, or understand the specifics of the resistance/emotional block or how it is being restructured. This process is easier and more gentle than traditional brain rewiring methods.
Brain Rewiring Attunements Result In Memory Reconsolidation
Another thing that sets my brain rewiring attunement apart from basic brain retraining methods is something called memory reconsolidation. In order for transformational vs incremental change to occur, the brain must be confronted with two very specific sources of information simultaneously to rewire a memory neural pathway. This can be difficult for the conscious mind to do, though it is possible. The Higher SuperConscious Self knows exactly how to reconsolidate memories, much better than the conscious mind.
Through memory reconsolidation, you can literally unlearn any unwanted negative behavior or belief pattern within minutes. Your own Higher mind becomes your coach or energy healer.
Although it is new to me, I believe this way of healing the brain and nervous system has been around for a long time. As I learned about The 7 Ancient Hermetic Principles, I realized there was an old healing method that combined Principles Of Neuroplasticity with Quantum Access to the Higher Superconscious Self
​What does Attunement mean really?
Attunement is the word I use with my brain rewiring and healing work to describe the process of reprogramming the subconscious mind and the energy field to use a different set of instructions/information to operate the body/mind. Some coaches and therapists refer to this same approach as recoding, transmission, activation, shamanic healing, and energy psychology.
Whether or not we are aware of it, our subconscious belief systems and energetic vibration are attuned by many things, including the environment we were raised in, our current circumstances, genetic information, and what we have decided “is true”. Our beliefs, emotions and memory structures can be attuned to lower frequencies and negative thought patterns, much like listening to an out of tune, or off pitch instrument.

And just like an instrument can be tuned to play on key, so can our brain, our mindset, and our energy field be attuned to life affirming belief systems and harmonious energetic flow patterns. Simply put, an attunement is a way of reprogramming the mind and energy field to be “on key” and in resonance with divine principles of eternal truth.
An energy attunement changes memory associations as well as opens and clears your energy pathways and chakras to receive higher vibrational energies. Attunements shift your energy system so that you become more aware of your true nature and enable you to become non resistant to your life.
The Higher Self Superconscious Mind often uses metaphor during attunements, such as sacred geometry, sound, light and other energetic tools to inform the subconscious mind and energy centers with new information. It is gentle and quick and capable of shifting any deeply held pattern in the mind/body.
Brain Rewiring attunements provide a healing experience that raises your vibration and helps you to shift your resistance patterns and change your habitual protective responses of the past.

  • No prior brain rewiring experience is necessary to receive healing from an attunement, however learning brain retraining can help you learn to create your own healing attunements.

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​​What is the Higher SuperConscious Self?
The Higher Self is also known as the Super-Conscious mind. It is poorly understood because it does not belong to the physical or mental realm. Its domain is the spiritual realm, and we are all connected to the same SuperConscious Mind. It is also known as the One Universal Mind. The Higher SuperConscious Self does not distinguish between good or bad, wrong or right, happy or sad – not because it is unable to but because it has no need to. It is non resistant to all of life. It is the eternal, curious observer. And it can communicate from me to you or anyone when approached in a specific way.

Normally we try to use the conscious mind to heal through awareness processes. With attunements we bypass the whole difficult step of bringing the unconscious to the conscious. That’s why it’s more gentle and more effective at healing stubborn emotional parts.
It has been my greatest life discovery to learn to access this Higher Mind and rewrite the stories I have told myself over the years. I love helping others learn to do the same. Healing doesn’t have to be as time consuming and arduous as it once was when dealing illness, trauma, addiction, etc. And at the same time the basic brain retraining methods also have a lot to offer as well. I’ll write more soon to discuss when I use basic brain retraining vs my advanced attunement methods.
About me: I am a physical therapist, educator and coach who specializes in the neuroscience of the brain retraining. I teach people how to rewire the brain to clear subconscious blocks and create transformational life changes. After healing myself of debilitating Lyme disease and other long term infections and trauma patterns, I bring my education and experience to help awaken people to their innate healing abilities within. Please check out my courses and offerings at


Even though I am a Licensed Physical Therapist, I am not offering Physical Therapy services through this information material or course offerings. THE CLASS INSTRUCTION AND OFFERINGS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT OR FOR A PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. Information given is not for diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Always consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you require medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe or suspect you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgement before applying any advice or recommendations made throughout my products and services, and also acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, life and wellbeing, as well as the health, lives and wellbeing of any dependents.

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